Caffeine Jolt

Caffeine's Model Sheet


Name: Caffeine Jolt; called "Jolty" at work and "Fluffball" by his girlfriend.
Species: Jolteon (Sandasu)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: August 9th, 1987
Height: 1,97 m (6.64 ft)

Physical appeareance: A tall, buff but also soft-bodied Jolteon. Covered in thick, medium long fur of a rich yellow tint which becomes spiky and bristly on arms, shoulders, and cheeks due to the static/electric energy abilities his species is naturally born with. The fur doesn't show any markings nor scars, but it does become more orangey towards the tailtip and hair tips. Caffeine has medium lenght hair, naturally kept upright and styled like a mohawk. His ears are long, pointy, and with a clearly visible tragus at the base. On the wide but pointy muzzle, a few features can be seen: his expressive amethist eyes, pointy canines, and a never-missing pink bandage on the bridge of his nose. Another peculiar feature of his body is the presence of a massive, snow-coloured fur collar that covers most of his shoulders, torso and back; due it its size, it prevents him from wearing shirts and tops. Although being very brawny and especially developped on shoulders and arms, he still has a soft waist with a round tummy; this body type, heavier than usual Jolteons, allows him to excel in both strenght and defense. Caffeine's tail is also rather big compared to a classic Jolteon's tail, but it's still relatively short and very pointy. He has a semi-digitigrade posture, with four fingers and three toes. No pawpads are shown, but small claws can be seen on feet.
Caffeine's sense of fashion almost seems inspired by oldschool fighting games: being very sporty and always down for a match, this Jolteon prefers wearing light and stretchy fabrics that allow movement, and generally only wears pants and trousers as, due to his collar fur, it's impossible for him to put t-shirts or similar clothes on! He can, however, wear button-up jackets and sweatshirts, and this is done in occasions in which he needs to cover his torso, either for dress code situations or because Alkaline demands so. He usually chooses rave trousers or similar styled tracksuit pants, whose decorations may be with additional belts, studs, or even Thunderstone fragments. In summer, he does wear shorts of similar fashion, sometimes in denim, as well. Other frequently worn accessories include his dogtags, and padded fingerless gloves: these may change style or be swapped with fighting bandages or MMA gloves. He can also be seen with baseball caps and sunglasses of various fashions, from aviator to those quirky stereoscopic 3D sunglasses with coloured lenses. He is usually barefooted, but will wear ankle protecions when fighting professionally.

Psychological profile: Although his appeareance, job, and main passion would lead people to mistake him for a superficial jock, Caffeine's actually a cordial and fun-loving nerd! He is a loyal, faithful dude who's never afraid of speaking up his honest opinions and will gladly offer sincere advice to people who seek for help. He's also generous, reliable, and a nice person to have around, if you do see past his flaws! He's very loud, unorganized, and this leads him to have a messy living space and a slightly shabby appreance. He's also very competitive, taking everything in life like a contest and accepting disputes and bets like a challenge to prove he's right or that he's best at something. Aside hitting the gym and being very interested in martial arts (and therefore liking any kind of fighting videogame), Caffeine also frequently attends local comic conventions to admire/show off cosplays, and look out for old-school "seinen" publications and animations, as well as some rare fighting games he still doesn't own. He also has a love for the great outdoors and he enjoys camping and beach volleyball.

Short bio: Caffeine's mother died from childbirth, so he has never met her. He has lived alone with his father for a few years until he remarried a Flareon woman, from which his stepbrother Amphetamine was born. Like it happens for many siblings, Caffeine and Amphetamine have always shared a "sibling rivarly" kind of relationship, with Caffeine percieving the whole situation like a perpetual contest to demonstrate who was the "better child", therefore always striving and working hard to be the strongest, smartest, and overall best of the duo, yet never recurring to moral low-blows or cheats in order to achieve his results. Past the childhood and adolescence years, this rivarly is now nothing more than a running joke between them, and an occasion to perform staged fights for surprising or entertaining audiences. Caffeine has recieved an average education, and he has mostly been focused on martial arts, becoming a Volt-kwon-do champion and subsequently getting a job as a Volt-kwon-do coach at the Buff UnderFur gym, where he fell in love with Alkaline. He lives alone in an apartment in an average middle district neighborhood of Cuna De Rios, not very distant from his brother's house.

Qualities: Physically strong, honest, loyal, never resorts to cheating in order to achieve victory, cordial, reliable.
Flaws: Loud, messy, shabby, pudgy, competitive, will take almost everything you say as a challenge, unorganized.
Music genres associated: Glam metal, Sleaze metal.
Likes: Fighting videogames, martial arts, outdoor parties, beer of any kind, street food, comic conventions, arcades, cosplay costumes, camping, volleyball, movie marathon nights.
Dislikes: Cheaters, liars, being ill, dress codes, Earth-type poke'mon attacks, admitting defeat.
Main interactions with other characters: Of course the "joke rivarly" relationship with his stepbrother Amphetamine makes these two stick very close together, to the pont that Amphetamine's friends also become Caffeine's friends, and vice-versa. Alkaline is his girlfriend, and therefore frequently hangs out with the Galactic Bunny trio. He's also frequently seen doing sports with Michael, Carabine, Tunleah, and spending nights out in the woods with William, or Fredrick. When going to conventions, Valy, Candy, Gloria, or the cyborgs Joypad and Program may tag along.


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