Carabine Brighteyes

Carabine's Model Sheet


Name: Carabine Brighteyes (friends and family call her Carrie).
Species: Tiger (Panthera Tigris)
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: September 2nd, 1990
Height: 1.75 m (5.74 ft)

Physical appeareance: Slim and tall, athletic/agile build, not curvy at all, almost androgynous. Her fur is dark and striped, however, her skin and flesh are of a clear and healthy shade, as seen by her nose, inner ears and tongue. Another feature that is highly in contrast with her dark fur are her yellow, bright, shiny eyes, a feature that runs in her family and had determined her dinasty's surname many ages ago. She has long, very straight and light black hair that arrive at the middle of her back. Front bangs are straight and mostly of the same lenght, covering most of her forehead. She has a feline, short muzzle, tiny and pointy with a small jaw, similar to that of a small cat more than a tiger. Her tail is disproportionately long (as long as the rest of her whole body) and very flexible. She has a plantigrade posture, and her hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
She is usually seen wearing sport clothes or casual uniforms, always matching the top and bottom of her outfits with great care. She also prefers shorts and trousers over skirts of any length, but will occasionally wear formal skirts if it fits the occasion. Violet and purple are her favourite colours to wear, and they're usually accompained by golden or yellow accents and accessories. Doesn't use any kind of earrings or piercings, but will occasionally wear dogtags and wrist/legwarmers. Preferred footwear is sporty, mainly hiking boots and tennis sneakers.

Psychological profile: A very acculturated and athletic girl with a passion for leadership and organization, who likes to show her vaste knowledge on various fields, from history (which is her favourite subject!) to literature. As an avid reader, she'll enjoy any book she'll find under her eyes: she has a perfect memory and learns a lot from them. When not reading a book, Carabine likes to live her day outside, mostly in close contact with nature or practicing a sport; she is very suited for any kind of sport, even the extreme ones, but her favourites are tennis and hiking. Due to her love for sports she's a very social girl, open to all new friendships and in some circumstances, she even likes to act as a "momfriend" to her closest buddies. However, she will always hold a superior and smart attitude, to the point of looking snobbish and elitist to some; she also prefers the company of people that show her same level of knowledge. She can only speak English, but she has such a vaste and precise knowledge of said language that she appears to be a major grammar and lexicon freak when correcting her friends. She has a cynical, sharp sense of humor.

Short bio: Carabine was born in London from a wealthy family of indian roots; with both of her parents working as university lecturers, her childhood has been spent mostly with uncles and paternal grandparents (both of which were enrolled in the Air Force), developing a love for books, history, military fashion and chronicles. After winning a scholarship and moving to Cuna De Rios in order to attend a special course high school, Carabine has befriended Valy and Candy, becoming her best friends. William, Michael and Fredrick were their "gang rivals" at first, but ended up being so close with eachother to actually purchase and share a two-story apartment block building alltogether (afterall, the expenses and bills are much more bearable when you're in a group of almost ten people at home!).
She now works as a part-time librarian at the Cuna De Rios' University Library, but she's still completing her studies as an history and literature major to become an official researcher of the University; after that, she'd love to try out studying for more degrees!

Qualities: Very intelligent and accultured, well-spoken, athletic, gifted in many kinds of sports, tidy and organized.
Flaws: Snob, elitist, may sound cold and cynical to some, stuck-up, and in some occasions, kind of a killjoy.
Music genres associated: Jazz, Electroswing, Lounge.
Likes: Books of any genre, tennis, hiking, mountain climbing, trying out new sports, uniforms, libraries, parks, nature.
Dislikes: Oppression, ignorance (hers and of others), admitting she is wrong or she doesn't know something, overly pompous dresses, disorganized or lazy people.
Main interactions with other characters: She is very linked to Valy and Candy who consider her as an older sister as she's taller, older and very caring with them. Nonetheless, just like an older sister, she sometimes gets pretty annoying, demanding or strict. She's very fond of Michael, her boyfriend, which is also her main company when it comes to smart literature and conversation; however, when he's not around, she loves the company of Gregory, which has also helped her in some extra courses and studies. She often meets up with Alkaline, Amphetamine and Caffeine during park runs, and generally gets along pretty well with anyone... minus James and The Idiots, whom she finds rather annoying, but tries to tolerate anyway.


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