Valy J. ThunderBeast

Valy's Model Sheet


Name: Valy J. ThunderBeast, or Val, for friends.
Species: Stupid Wolf (Canis Lupus Dementis)
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: April 29th, 1991
Height: 1.54 m (5.05 ft)

Physical appeareance: Although she appears to have a rather canine image, everyone's pretty unsure wether Valy is to be actually considered a "Wolf" or not. She's unsure of it as well, yet doesn't question too much! Standing at mere five feet, this short, average-bodied creature sports short, yet tidy and soft beige-coloured fur all over her body, with no markings. The only exceptions of colour are her dark sepia hair (straight and medium lenght, made recognizable by a gigantic backcombed tuft on the front) and her chocolate-hued fluffy tail, crooked at the base. On her body are also visible her many scars (clear indication of her clumsy, unlucky and daredevilish nature), present on her strong arms and at the base of the tail. Her eyes are green, encircled with thin black eyeshadows. Her flesh is of an ill pinkish colour, as seen on tongue, inner ears and nose. Muzzle is slightly crooked upwards, leaving two creases along the bridge of the nose, and such anamorphosis makes so that her sharp, pointy teeth are always visible, coming out of her mouth even if closed. Standing on a plantigrade stance, both her front and hind paws lack of animal-like claws or pawpads.
Her attire is tomboy-ish, inspired by casual pop-culture and late 90's pop/punk/rock scene; by default, she can always be seen wearing t-shirts, jeans and sneakers. Tees are usually green or black (yet she likes to wear any colour!), sporting metal/rock band logoes, retrogaming designs or silly pop-culture stuff. When needing an overcoat, she only wears either leather jackets (she has a favourite one, too!) or jeans sleeveless jackets. Can occasionally be seen wearing rock-inspired necklace pendants or dogtags. Absolutely preferring trousers over everything, she'll never wear a skirt! She's never seen without her spikey bracelets, of which she owns an extensive collection. Occasionally, she can also wear elegant suits with tie.

Psychological profile: First and foremost Valy appears to be ironic and sarcastic, going as far as appearing downright smartassy to newer folks: she's actually fairly shy and uncomfortable when introduced to new people, hiding behind a tough "mask" to feel more at ease. When she finds herself in a familiar enviroinment with known people, instead, she becomes rather friendly (almost to the point of being the "class clown" of her squad) and likes to be in company of her closest buddies, who are often tormented by her puns and sharp sense of humor. Stubborn and patient, she dedicates lots of time and passion on whatever she loves and even though very few things anger her, no one likes to see Valy in a bad temper! She's an able crafter, and is averagely skilled at everything that involves practical application. Never been a genius though, and she appears to be a complete disaster when it comes to math and theoric, phylosophical conversations, but can count on a pretty good photographic memory.

Short bio: Although living in Cuna De Rios, Valy actually comes from a large, very affictionate Italian family of average social and economical status, and her accent clearly shows her heritage. Since the first years she's always shown affinity for arts, literature and solving enigmas, aspiring to be either a journalist, private investigator or artist; she has attended a linguistic high school (learning to fluently speak in English, French and Spanish) and started to attend an Art course at Cuna De Rios' University, dropping out shortly after to instead attend a private Tattoo school. In between high school and early university years, Valy has befriended Candy and Carabine, becoming her best friends. William, Michael and Fredrick were their "gang rivals" at first, but ended up being so close with eachother to actually purchase and share a two-story apartment block building alltogether (afterall, the expenses and bills are much more bearable when you're in a group of almost ten people at home!). She now works as a freelance illustrator and as a tattoo designer under Adam Snakebite's mentoring.

Qualities: Practical skills, punny personality, foreign languages, dedication to her hobbies/things she loves, many interests, indipendent.
Flaws: Lack of balance, clumsiness, shy around new people, not good at math, sports, or high-academic subjects, a bit unlucky.
Music genres associated: 80's Top 40s, Late 90's Pop-Punk, Early 00's Pop-Rock.
Likes: Warm, cozy and dry places/clothes/objects, the colour green, obsolete technologies, retrogames (especially Game Boy/Game Boy Color/DOS era games), familiar places/people/habits, foreign languages, Halloween, splatter/slasher B-movies.
Dislikes: Damp, rainy weather/places, untidyness and chaos.

Main interactions with other characters: Uberknownst to her until starting to live on her own, Valy is always been the "alternative version" of Valery, her sibling from a parallel dimension; unable to return to her world, Valy often helps Valery integrate in the "real" dimension. Candy and Carabine are her best friends, but whenever she's in trouble she prefers to ask advice to Gregory as he's one of her main role models. She's also in friendly relations with William, Michael, Fredrick, Alkaline and occasionally with Jay, who shares with her the love for art. She's often pestered by Program, who likes to infect her technologic stuff. Chrysanthemum is her pet-cat. Adam and Veronika Snakebite are her bosses at work. She's MLock's girlfriend!

Additional notes on the character: Main alter-ego. I use Valy's appeareance to represent myself in drawings, group projects and strips related to real life; but as the character itself, she also has her own "personal world" and has bold interactions with the rest of my cast, making her the "protagonist" of my fantasy-based strips.
Valy has undergone many changes of designs in my personal drawings because of seasonal occasions or inside jokes, ending up having different "mutations": she can be a Pumpkin-head parasite, a vampiric monster and even a little, pink, eyeless Blind Cave Salamander. These mutations, however, will never be a total substitute of her main, Stupid Wolf form.


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