What's New?

Whole Lotta Grafixx --July 5th, 2022--

So many updates on the art side today! First off, there's a brand new digital illustration in the dedicated section, a summer scene featuring nostalgic rollerblades, mainly inspired by Phoenix #2772's track, Rollerblade! Twitter thread for feedback is here.
Also, I've uploaded that mini set of Poke'mon mixed with Neopet Brushes I've been working on and off as warmup throughout the whole spring. Uploading them one by one would have flooded the Fanart section, so I grouped them. They're named "Set 1" because there's a few other 'mons I'd like to see in a more Neopet-ty fashion (Aerodactyl and Porygon mainly!), but I'm not sure when I'll start actively working on those.
Finally, a whole lot of giftart! The Guest Artists section now has a bust of Candy drawn by Solaris (friend of the channel!), a headshot of Gloria by LalaMizu, and a hand-drawn magnet of Valery drawn by JulieKarbon while we were together at the EtnaComics.
I also realized that section is missing sooooo many other drawings I have recieved over the years. I was about to add them all at once today, but I figured I could instead upload them gradually as some kind of "buffer" during more silent times.

One last fun thing before going, I'm currently hosting a giveaway on Twitter for watercolour bookmarks/portraits and a whole lotta merchandise! The event will last all July and I'll pick a winner every Saturday! Prizes will be shipped internationally, so everyone can enter. Have fun!

YesterWebRing! --June 21st, 2022--

Heyo fuzzies! Is summer going well for everyone? Mine's moderately busy so far since I'm working on many commissions at the moment, but since we're back at the studio and my schedule is becoming routine once again, I should be able to resume my personal projects soon enough. I got a few digital illustration ideas that need to be put on canvas!

About actual updates: I've posted a little convention report for the past EtnaComics in the Journal section and added a new affiliate! Ares, welcome onboard! I've met him during the Etnacomics and he's an amazing plush maker.
Also on the Affiliate section you can now find a widget to the first webring I'm part of, Yesterweb! I'm finally actively keeping the old web alive 💖 and there's many more sites like mine, so get on the navbar and enjoy surfing!

Presenting... 2.0! --May 28th, 2022--

So... how'd you like the new page? xD
Despite the radio silence, it's been a busy May for VN and finally today has been the last day of updates: the site can now reopen with a brand new skin and get back to its usual arting schedule. While we were at it, we also took the occasion to improve things here and there, so imma spend a few lines to show you around the novelties.
I'm gonna save you all the sentimental nonsense on how proud I am about this version and how faster it is and has a cleaner code and how good it looks: I don't wanna turn this into a Journal post. xD Here's what changed about VN's new iteration!
  • Responsiveness! 1.0 had several compatibility issues and was strictly for desktop usage only. The new VN is now fully compatible with all major browsers and 100% responsive: mobile users, surf freely! (Even with Netscape Navigator. Who knows. I'll have to try :V )
  • Menus! VN now has two more menus together with the classic one on the left: the travel bar just below the header links to my socials, while the right menu is much longer this time and more useful, serving as a repository for top affiliates and fun gadgets: there's a calendar, an hit counter (does it even work properly? I'unno, but either way I just use it as a decoration), some clickable banners and, of course, adopted plushies! Y'know, for an additional sprinkle of Y2K web nostalgia.
  • Pagination! The News and Journal sections will now feature arrows to cycle through 10 posts at a time: they're there, I swear. xD You just can't see them since I haven't yet reached more than 10 posts in either section. xD I'm still a sucker for cleaning up old posts when I don't need them anymore.
  • New galleries! Gallery sections have recieved a slight overhaul and now feature an updated general look, a new button menu to read descriptions and check full views, and the video viewer has been fixed! Now video formats also work in the mid-view.
  • Splashpage! Uhm... VN has a splashpage now. You know, for extra extra nostalgia points? xD It's actually a Neocities account, since I wanted VN to be considered part of that web current. Of course, the account's index simply redirects here (exactly what splashpages did back in the day). In order not to make it too empty, the splashpage also houses a gallery of previous layouts, one for awards and topsites, and a guestbook! So now we can party like it's 1997. Several of these links have been added to the About The Page section for easy reach.
  • Here to stay! As you can understand, this wasn't a simple cosmetic change but a true re-build of VN from the ground up, and now that I've reached "layout peace" and everything works exactly as it should, I do plan to use version 2.0 for a long long while. However, 2.0 is also written to easily swap colours and graphics around to show new skins for holidays or special celebrations (once again, exactly like sites used to do back in the day)! So, get ready to see VN in a properly Halloween-themed "vest" starring EmptyHead or a winter theme maybe even with falling snow effects. 💖
That's it, have fun browsing the new VN! Of course, if you do see some bugs we missed, you can contact me at the usual channels. See you!

Happy Birthday VN! --April 26th, 2022--

No, I wasn't going to skip updates for April; I was simply waiting for today xD Happy first birthday, VN! There's lotsa things planned for the site this upcoming summer, provided I can successfully juggle work on the domain with convention appeareances and my continuous art flow... we'll see.

New art! Since last update I've been uploading two illustrations (one of which is today's new upload!) and a strip. Here's the Twitter thread for the two piccies and the comic.
This weekend I'll be with boyfriendo at the Milano Comics & Games, it's kind of a small/short event but we've been visiting it for the last few years and the attendance has doubled and tripled over time, so we think it's going to be a good place to appear with our booth. And after that, the first week of June we'll be travelling all the way to Sicily for the Etnacomics, a much bigger event lasting 5 days! It'll be the first time I attend that event, and we'll be sharing the booth my friend (and site's Top Affy!) JulieKarbon. Can't wait!

That's it for now: I guess I'll go back to commissions which I feel to have unfortunately neglected this last weekend. Sorry all! xwx

GIFs, Strips, Stories! --March 2nd, 2022--

I figured that writing a mini update each single time I added something would be redundant, so from now on I'll wait until I have a good batch of stuff to show. Boy do I have some today!
First off, a new strip has been added last week, and a new animation has appeared in the gallery today. I'm loving this busy workflow so far. :3c Threads for comments and feedback are here and here, on Twitter.
Furthermore, the Lore page now has text. FINALLY. I felt like my site wouldn't be actually complete without it xD It's not finished yet as I do plan on also adding a list of the canon city's places that have appeared in illustrations so far, but that's optional, really, and the main purpose of that page was to display its history/origins and the map. I'm glad this is out of my to do list.

Coming in the following days will be a new digital illustration, some buncha smaller drawings of course, and a quick re-adjusting of my pricelist; since the start of the year I decided to permanently switch to digital inking instead of traditional for what it concerns everything regarding the Digital Media Simple BG and Ref Sheet products, and use watercolours instead of pecils for the Tradtitional Media products, so of course, prices will have to reflect that.
I won't touch anything else since there's no change in my digital illustration methods, although maybe I'll take the occasion to also do a small fix to the icons and stickers (I haven't changed the icons' prices since the 2010s, they may be due for a little increase). New prices will show up with my next commission reopenings, as soon as I complete my current working batch.

February Updates --February 19th, 2022--

Hey everyone! There's a new digital illustration just uploaded in the dedicated section for you all to see. I think Jami is starring in a lot of my pics lately; she's getting popular! xD Here you can find the Twitter thread for comments and feedback!
But wait there's more! I've also uploaded two new fanarts: one is a watercolour commission of my Caffeine drawn by Federica D'Angella while at the Novegro Comics Festival, the other is a Valy headshot commissioned to Sm0keyXXX on FA as part of a Valentine's day gift for Lock: I got matching FA icons for us :3 I was terribly tired of the dancing GIFs we previously had.
Aaaand, finally I managed to update the merchandise stock after the convention: we have the a new set of A5-sized prints and keychains!

Comin' right up in the next few days: some updates in the Animation and Comic Strips section, along with the long overdue construction for the Lore section. Seriously, it's coming up guys. I have the history notes staring at me on the working desk every day now, they only need to be typed on the webpage. xD Really glad that so far I'm keeping up with my new years' resolutions.
See ya!

Happy 2022! --January 22nd, 2022--

A new year has started and I'm fulfilling my new years resolutions of having more content here with a new traditional drawing just added to the dedicated section. It's watercolours! I'm not an expert yet with this medium but I absolutely love the result I get with them and one thing for sure they're WAY easier on my wrist compared to coloured pencils, I always end up with sore wrists after a day of pencil sharpening and colouring. Very very inclined to do the switch and just use watercolours permanently instead of pencils.
Anyhow, have the Twitter thread for comments and feedback!

This was no empty exercise by the way: next weekend I'll be drawing live and selling merch at the Festival Del Fumetto convention in Novegro/Milan, also bringing along the finally completed and printed out fourth volume of Lost Without You! For everyone interested in the event we're broadcasting several info over at our Facebook page, and if you can't attend, worry not! The Shop section has been updated with the new volume and as always it has all the info needed to order copies and gadgets.
New miniprints, stickers and more will be added after the convention, so remember to always take a look!

Updates And Conventions! --November 6th, 2021--

Indeed this took me a bit, however there's a new big scenery drawing in the Illustrations section. I had major problems finding the right colour palette for the background this time; in the end I got angry at it and put works on hiatus for at least a week xD Glad I resumed it though, pretty happy of the final colours.
Twitter thread for comments and feedback is here! Also, I'm trying to use my Facebook page a bit more, so if you swing more into the direction of that social, you can comment and like the pic in question on this thread. Gosh multiuploading is tiresome.

Another little news, next weekend I'll be at my Lost Without You booth at the Milan Games Week/Cartoomics convention in Milan! I'll bring comics and gadgets to sell of course, along with a few novelties that will show up on the site's Shop section as soon as the event is over, and do live commissions! If you're going there, be sure to stop by! <3

Stickies... --October 11th, 2021--

Today's new content for the site is a set of stickers featuring Hibiki Ryoga. I had a poll on Twitter on which would've been my next fanart sticker set, and he was the most popular choice, so I got to the drawing board. :P It's kind of a base set featuring mostly standard reaction, but I've managed to add a few references to certain episodes and snuck a couple of P-Chans in there. Check the Sticker section to download it for free (and the others available, too!).
I also saved a few of them in high resolution as I think they'd look neat as actual stickers- we're almost running out of physical merch to bring to conventions, and while our first set was mostly starring Lost Without You characters, I think one leaning more towards fanarts would find a greater audience.

Next up in my personal queue is a digital illustration, so stay tuned for some big, coloured and detailed art!

Welcome Home! --July 28th, 2021--

Hi, welcome to Valyce Negative.it, the main directory for Valyce Negative's art and Cuna De Rios' universe. As you can see, we just got online and some sections might still be under construction; however, please feel free to browse around, and come back soon for frequent updates! Anything new will be featured here in the main dashboard. Also, as this is basically the first entry to the site (hello world!), I'll be featuring a very condensed guide on how to navigate.

If you're new to my art, you can know me better by taking a look at About Author and About Site, or F.A.Q.! If you're a returning visitor, all my personal artworks are now in the Cuna De Rios section, organized in the classic folders Illustrations, Traditionals, Animations, Comics and all the usual. There's also a new folder just for Doodles! I also do Fanarts stored in the appropriate section, and offer some free fanmade Telegram Sticker Sets of certain anime/movie/videogame characters to download and install!

If you're here for business, the Commissions section has all you need to know, from TOS to Pricelist and the current Queue List which will be updated daily. More art for sale such as Originals or Merchandise can be found at the appropriate pages. Wanna reach out to me? Check the Contacts and Valyce Negative Webs pages!

And the rest? Well, it's up to you do discover! :3c Have fun in Cuna De Rios!

All art displayed is (C) Valyce Negative/VeeNegative/Valery91Thunder, unless otherwise specified in the "Guest Artists" section. All Cuna De Rios' places and characters are fictious and any resemblance to real events or people is purely coincidential. Do NOT copy, reproduce, modify and re-distribuite parts and contents of this site. Web development help: Brunh. Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.