What's New?

PDFs And Other Things --November 19th, 2022--

A few things in a bit of a hurry before I start doing inventory for this year's Cartoomics!
  • New journal, Flock Migration, is up in the blogging section. Long-ish rant on social medias' instability and bit of musings for future projects on VN.
  • Webs section now lists my newly-opened Telegram channel as alternative to Twitter; as of now it's a simple mirror of its contents, if or when Twitter actually goes offline for good it'll become a complete substitute.
  • New art! Another comic strip with Valy has appeared, plus I added several Emptyhead, Valyce and Valy+Lock's recieved fanarts along with two very special themesong gifts based on Candy and Acid. I think I caught up with that gallery and now it hosts all fanarts I have gotten over the years. Time to get more :O
  • Lost Without You section update: now all volume previews are in PDF format directly downloadable from VN, just click their links. Old previews were hosted on clunky horrible Facebook and this current solution is much more direct, orderly and locally hosted.
For italian readers heading to the Cartoomics convention next weekend, see you there!

Hey, Happy Halloween! --November 1st, 2022--

I haven't been able to sit at the computer to update yesterday. Pretend I'm writing this during the 31st, come on. 😗
There's been quite some new art in the galleries lately, namely a new Valery digital picture used to excercise with sepia tones, rain effects and VHS glitches and, in the same section, a very out of season summer Joypad that is actually a sticker design taken from the latest set of VN merch I've worked on; which, by the way, has been delivered here at the studio this last week! Everything is fantastic and I can't wait to show it at the Cartoomics! Online shop will be updated after the event, so stay tuned 💖
There's also a new comic strip featuring Valy and William.
And finally, we have a fanart! It was my anniversary with Lock on the 29th and I decided to cross two franchises he loves into a fun design that can be eventually printed on a shirt. If you like both YuGiOh and Hellraiser, then go check it!
There's also new affiliates and listings at the appropriate section, go check!

Is that all? Hhmm... my brother has been scolding me for not wanting to come up with an Halloween skin xD So I guess I have to make it up with a nice Christmas themed layout. Which charas of mine would you like to see featured on a wintery header? Let me know!😊

Spookyseason Update --September 29th, 2022--

Welp we're past the autumn equinox, you know what that means! Time to bring out the Jack-o-Lanterns and cobwebs. 🎃
I'm always disappointed Halloween-themed web layouts have a very short life and need to be replaced quickly to avoid feeling out of place; I'm not gonna change into a spooky skin this year but I did some code cleanup to ease future palette and graphic swaps. I just need to come up with good themes and maybe decide if I want something seasonal or instead character-centric.
Speaking of sitely updates, the right menu's Badges section is now less blocky and awkward, featuring more appropriate blinkies. There's also a bunch of new affiliates, a new webring (hello, members of FurRing!) and several new banners of different sizes to link VN to your site. Choose your fav! Just remember to save them to your own archives!

But you're here for actual content, aren't you? XP
In the Animation gallery there's a new glitchy GIF featuring Program goofing around in a Virtual Boy-generated enviroinment.
The Other Digital gallery has an experimental postcard with James, I played with a very limited palette this time and I like the retro effect.
I also uploaded yet another pencil art, this time with Alkaline, in the Traditional media gallery and as usual some more fanarts of my charas uploaded in the Guest Artist section: some more Valy and tons of Chrysanthemum avatars used in previous years for DA or FA.
Speaking of my own Fanarts I rearranged that gallery by category rather than by year, so now we have a videogame and animation/TV folder. The pic order is still from newest to older. There ain't nothing new in there... yet.

As you might have read from my news ticker at the top of the page, I've just started colouring LWY 5! I'm not sure if I started earlier this year or Lock is late on the inking schedule, but I'm basically colouring as he's still completing the inks. This might give me enough time to better alternate between this and commission work, but I know I'm still gonna be slower with the rest of the projects until the volume is complete. Anyway, ideally, we should be able to send it to print by this December.
This one will also be the final issue of the series, it's a complex feeling: we're sad to say goodbye to the charas we've "seen grow" for 5 years, but also proud to have brought their plots to completion all by ourselves; afterall there's nothing else to add to the story so we feel that prolonging it for too much would be counterproductive and ruin its main concept and quality. It's a graphic novel, not a webcomic!
At the same time we're relieved to finally be able to work on something else! There's so many more stories we'd like to develop with different characters, yet we're planning to use the same universe as LWY since it was written to be so vast and varied like a perfect sandbox. We already have some concepts down for a horror murder mystery, yey!

I think that's all for now, bye all!

After The Heatwave --September 3rd, 2022--

Boop! Showing up after quite a bit to demonstrate that this summer heatwave did not, infact, kill me. Instead, I've been bit by the writing bug and throughout the months have been adding updates and tweaks on almost every single section in VN. I'm gonna list the main ones.

Art! There's a new Traditional media watercolour featuring Jay and some gemgore, an Illustration featuring Amphetamine chilling in this penthouse uploaded the day of his birthday, and half a dozen of recieved fanarts in the Guest Artists gallery. Mainly added Chrys pics.

Veering to art-adiacent sections, the Lore page has been expanded with the Landmarks paragraph, detailing some backstory about the places appearing in my illustrations. Will probably undergo subsequent tweaks as more and more interesting Cuna De Rios places will get illustrated, maybe grouped differently so it doesn't feel like a text-based mirror of the illustrations gallery (it was never meant to be that way, worry not), but I like the current look and so far it's helping me visualize what places still need to be drawn. It's a good inspirational board.
Almost all Sitely pages have been improved with better worded paragraphs, tidied up links, and now generally looking slicker and more efficient. I even had some fun and added paragraphs for adopted webplushies and listings under the About The Author section, never knew they could be so addicting! Also I'm writing new Journal post, so it'll be up very soon! This one's about journaling... journalception.

The watercolour giveaway has ended last Saturday and helped me clear up from the last few gadgets I had left from current stock, so as a result the Merchandise page is looking rather empty (speaking of, I took advantage of the emptyness to revive Merch and Originals pages a bit: hoping they'd look less clumsily written now 😛 ). Time to fill it up with new printed goodies, afterall this year's edition of Milan Games Week is approaching fast! JulieKarbon has been using StickerMule for merch brought at the Etnacomics and the quality was stunning, I'm surely gonna order a batch of stuff from them as soon as I figure out what designs I really wanna send to print. It's hard to balance fanart with original content!
That's all for now!

Whole Lotta Grafixx --July 5th, 2022--

How's everyone's summer going?
Despite being busy as ever, I managed to find some time to update here and there throughout these last weeks. Here's what's been going on at the site.

The Etnacomics report is now available in the Journal, and I've added a new colleague in the Affiliates section: Ares! Welcome aboard! Speaking of affiliates, VN is now part of its first webring, Yesterweb! Keeping the old web alive. 😊 Their widget, along with future ones, will be added in the Webrings and Listings paragraph of the affiliate page. The best thing about a webring is that I can stylize the widget how I want 😍

Art-wise (I feel like I haven't talked about art in ages!) there's a new Illustration featuring many of my charas and nostalgic rollerblades, inspired by Phoenix#2772's track of the same name.
Also, I've uploaded that mini set of Poke'mon mixed with Neopet Brushes I've been working on and off as warmup throughout the whole spring. Uploading them one by one would have flooded the Fanart section, so I grouped them. They're named "Set 1" because there's a few other 'mons I'd like to see in a more Neopet-ty fashion (Aerodactyl and Porygon mainly!), but I'm not sure when I'll start actively working on those.
Finally, a whole lot of giftart! The Guest Artists section now has a bust of Candy drawn by Solaris (friend of the channel!), a headshot of Gloria by LalaMizu, and a hand-drawn magnet of Valery drawn by JulieKarbon while we were together at the EtnaComics.
I also realized that section is missing sooooo many other drawings I have recieved over the years. I was about to add them all at once today, but I figured I could instead upload them gradually as some kind of "buffer" during more silent times.

One last fun thing before going, I'm currently hosting a giveaway on Twitter for watercolour bookmarks/portraits and a whole lotta merchandise! The event will last all July and I'll pick a winner every Saturday! Prizes will be shipped internationally, so everyone can enter. Have fun!

Presenting... 2.0! --May 28th, 2022--

VN celebrated its first birthday this past April 26th! Seems like yesterday that I scribbled the very first concept of the mainpage on loose paper; instead, we've already completed a full loop around the sun. Kudos!
In reality, April 26th marks the day the domain name was bought: site went online a few months later in late July after eh... quite a bit of tinkering with the CSS, HTML and everything alongside. But what do you expect? Rome wasn't built in a day!
And if you're wondering, yeah, I didn't even manage to sync up VN's birthday with my own. Guess 2021 me couldn't wait three more days. 😒

Me and my brother have been rather busy throughout the whole month of May for an appropriate first year celebration and finally today we finished implementing VN's definitive layout version, taking the occasion to improve things on the backend too. I can't express how proud and happy I am to see everything look exactly like originally envisioned in my concept art! It even features faster load times and cleaner code. What more could a webmaster dream of? Now this site really feels like the virtual home I've always wanted.
Since there's quite a lot of novelties, I'm gonna spend a few lines to show you around. Here's what's changed in VN's new iteration!
  • Responsiveness! 1.0 had, sadly, many compatibility issues with different browsers and not mobile friendly at all. 2.0 fixes this by being fully compatible with all browsers and 100% responsive. Mobile users, surf freely! (Even with Netscape Navigator. :V)
  • Menus! In addition to the classic left menu, 2.0 doubles the interactivity with the brand new Travel bar at the top linking to my socials and a right menu hosting gadgets and fun links. We now have a clock, a hit counter (not sure if it really works, but looks neat enough) and adopted web plushies for an extra dose of Y2K nostalgia.
  • Pagination! The News and Journal sections will display arrows to cycle through older and newer posts, ten at a time. ...They're there, I swear. 😅 I just haven't reached ten posts in any of those sections.
  • Improved galleries! Slight graphical overhaul for the galleries featuring a slicker general look, new and improved viewing icons at the top, and a better description display. The video viewer has also been fixed, and now properly displays videos in midview.
  • Splashpage! VN has a splashpage now! Who remembers those? It's actually hosted at Neocities so there's a way now to actually follow the site and get live notifications everytime it updates. While there, you can also view previous layouts/skins, won awards, and sign the guestbook! Let's party like it's 1997. Aforementioned links can be found at the About The Page section for easy reach.
  • Here to stay! As you can understand, this wasn't a simple cosmetic change but a true re-build of VN from the ground up, and now that I've reached "layout peace" and everything works exactly as it should, I do plan to use version 2.0 for a long long while. However, 2.0 is also written to easily swap colours and graphics around to show new skins for holidays or special celebrations (once again, exactly like sites used to do back in the day)! So, get ready to see VN in a properly Halloween-themed "vest" starring EmptyHead or a winter theme maybe even with falling snow effects.
And that's it! We hope to not have left bugs around, but if you see some, feel free to contact me via the usual channels.

I'm glad to have completed the overhaul just in time, since in less than a week me and Lock will be travelling again for yet another convention. This time, we'll catch a plane to Sicily to attend the Etnacomics, which will last 5 days! It's gonna be almost like a vacation, especially because we're gonna share the booth with our friend (and top affy!) JulieKarbon and finally do live shenanigans together. Can't wait!

Happy 2022! --March 2nd, 2022--

The new year is here! Frankly, it feels a bit out of place to celebrate 2022 on an oldstyle website instead of a modern social media dashboard. Maybe I should change it to... 2002? 😆

One of my main new year's resolutions is to be much more active on my personal art: last year, mainly due to my hatred for Eclipse and the building phase of this homepage, I haven't done as much as I wanted. Hell, I'm pretty sure 2021 has been the year with least digital illustrations sice ever! I don't want this trend of mine to continue. So, here's some new updates on content!

2021 ended with us attending the MGW+Cartoomics convention, the first one after two years of events pause. It's been a peculiar show and you can read my review in the Journal section; we then attended the Festival Del Fumetto in Novegro in the last weekend of January where we also premiered with volume 4 of Lost Without You. It went very well, but right afterwards me and Lock found out that the "banal" case of con crud we thought to have caught was actually Covid. 😷
Being both multivaccined the illness passed through without harsh symptoms, but it took us a whole two weeks to finally result negative again on our tests. In the end the most annoying thing to endure was isolation at home, but we had some emergency working equipment so we could at least pass the time while delivering commissions.

New pics mega-update list!
  • From January: a traditional media pic with Candy has been uploaded, aka one of my first watercolour excercises. I've been meaning to swap my traditional media's tool of choice since ever; Lock has introduced me to Aqua Brushes, aka the best tool to turn watercolours into an easy, clean and portable medium; also, extensive use of coloured pencils was starting to give me wrist strains. 😖
  • From February and March: a new illustration featuring Jami, a silly little strip with Valy and Chrys and finally, a looping animation with sweet Candy.
  • In the Guest Artists section: a Caffeine watercolour I got from Federica D'Angella while at the Festival, and a Valy headshot drawn by Sm0keyXXX as part of a conjoined icon with Lock (we were kinda sick of the old ones on FA xD).
Other pages have also recieved some updates during February, first of all the Lore page now has text. FINALLY. The site felt incomplete without it! Ironically I found the writing inspiration during Covid convalescence, so one good thing came out of it at least...
Anyway, Cuna De Rios' origin story and city map are now there, if you want to take a look. In the future I plan to further expand the section by describing a few landmarks in detail and mayyyybe explain some more canons, but the main purpose of the page is now there. I'm so glad this is out of the to do list.

There's also a new Pricelist active from now on, mainly price readjustments since I swapped to watercolours for my Traditional Media options and implemented tablet inking instead of traditional on all Digital Media options. I also took the occasion to tweak prices a bit for the Icons and Stickers, better conforming to the rest of the list, since those were left untouched since the 2010s and were overdue for a slight increase.

Welcome Home! --July 28th, 2021--

Hi! Welcome to Valyce Negative.it, my main directory for personal art, projects, blogging and commission info. This is the site's first online day, so a few sections might still appear under construction. However, please feel free to take a look around, and remember to check frequently for future updates!

To help you navigate, here's a condensed site map!
The menu on the left features a link to this Main Page where all new updates will be announced; If you're new to my art, you can know me better by taking a look at About Author and About Site, or F.A.Q.! If you're a returning visitor, all my personal artworks are now in the Cuna De Rios section, organized in the classic folders Illustrations, Traditionals, Animations, Comics and all the usual. There's also a new folder just for Doodles! I also do Fanarts stored in the appropriate section, and offer some free fanmade Telegram Sticker Sets of certain anime/movie/videogame characters to download and install!

If you're here for business, the Commissions section has all you need to know, from TOS to Pricelist and the current Queue List which will be updated daily. More art for sale such as Originals or Merchandise can be found at the appropriate pages. Wanna reach out to me? Check the Contacts and Valyce Negative Webs pages!

And the rest? Well, it's up to you do discover! Have fun!

All art displayed is (C) Valyce Negative/VeeNegative/Valery91Thunder, unless otherwise specified in the "Guest Artists" section. All Cuna De Rios' places and characters are fictious and any resemblance to real events or people is purely coincidential. Do NOT copy, reproduce, modify and re-distribuite parts and contents of this site. Web development help: Brunh. Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.