About The Page

About the page
Online since April 26th 2021, VN is the personal domain of Valyce Negative; its main purpose is to serve as a worldbuilding and character development portfolio, following daily scenes and lives of the fictional town Cuna De Rios inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures. However, it also doubles as a cozy corner of the web and update hub with occasional fanarts, blog, commission info, project pages, links to socials or outside galleries and a shop section!

Take a dive into a digital place where time has stopped and fantasy blends with retro technology, creating colorful dreams and nostalgic panoramas to get lost into.
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All art displayed is (C) Valyce Negative/VeeNegative/Valery91Thunder, unless otherwise specified in the "Guest Artists" section. All Cuna De Rios' places and characters are fictious and any resemblance to real events or people is purely coincidential. Do NOT copy, reproduce, modify and re-distribuite parts and contents of this site. Web development help: Brunh. Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.