About The Page

About the page Welcome to ValyceNegative.it, the site with pictures! Modeled after personal sites of the early 2000s, VN is the first and best place to enjoy illustrator Valyce Negative's arts and musings!
Take a dive into a digital place where time has stopped and fantasy blends with retro technologies, creating colorful dreams and nostalgic panoramas to get lost into.

Online since April 26th 2021, displaying artwork since July 28th 2021.

Site Map

Here's a little guide through VN's sections!
  • Travel Bar: The top buttons will lead to Valyce Negative's alternative sites. From left to right: FurAffinity, NeoCities, BlueSky, Tumblr, Ko-Fi and the RSS Feed. Clicking on the big header will instead take you back to the Update Log which also serves as the landing page of VN.

  • Left Menu: At the left of the screen you can see the main menu from where you can access different pages of the site.
    The Sitely section contains pages centered on the site itself: About Site & Author, Frequently Asked Questions, Journal (where blog posts are collected), Contacts & Sites (a list of links and places to communicate directly with the artist) and Affiliates (outbound links to other cool sites!).
    The Cuna De Rios section is the beating heart of Valyce Negative's creative side! From here you can access the Characters page (with reference sheets and bios), the Lore page (concerning backstory and context of the fictional metropolis Cuna De Rios) and the various art galleries grouped by picture style: Illustrations, Digital Art, Traditional Art, Animations, Comic Strips, Artisan Crafts and Doodles. There's also a page where Recieved Fanarts are collected!
    The Fanarts section instead has Valyce Negative's fanarts to other franchises, divided in Pictures and Stickers (where sets of Telegram stickers can be freely downloaded).
    The Commissions section is another important part of the menu as it concerns everything for sale. You can navigate through the Terms Of Service (also containing info about dos and don'ts), Pricelist, Queue List (updated daily!) and Buy Merch!, a streamlined overview of everything available on Valyce Negative's Ko-Fi shop. Click on any article displayed and it'll take you to the product page on Ko-Fi, ready to buy!
    Finally, the bottom of the left menu features the Projects, which can be Comicbooks or Interactive. Click on those landing pages to see a full overview of stories and games Valyce Negative has worked on.

  • Marquee: The scrolling text at the top of the central section displays a live clock with calendar of upcoming convention appeareances and information about the site's current version and skin.

  • Right Menu: The smaller menu at the right side is the outbound section of VN, showcasing a vertical marquee of Top Affiliates, Banners, Adopted Web Plushies and Navlink. Click on any of them to surf to different virtual shores!

Previous Layouts

  • Ver 1.0: Wall Of Neons - First completed layout used from July 28th 2021 though May 19th 2022. Though very suggestive its abundance of effects, animations and variants made it very heavy to load! It had compatibility issues with different browsers and wasn't optimized for mobile users.
  • Ver 2.0: Neon Urban - Second skin implemented from May 20th 2022 though December 2nd 2022. It came along with a complete overhaul of the frontend with slicker design, improved performance and optimal compatibility!
  • Ver 2.1: Christmas Lights - Seasonal skin implemented for the 2022-2023 Christmas holidays, from December 2nd 2022 to January 6th 2023. It featured an animated header!
  • Ver 2.2: Sun-bleached Wood - Skin chosen for the majority of year 2023, from January 7th 2023 to October 16th 2023. It featured a summery palette with bright yellows and greens.
  • Ver 2.3: Spooky Emo - Semi-seasonal skin for autumn-Halloween-winter, from Cotober 17th 2023 to Febraury 8th 2024. Reminiscent of mid 2000s emo blogs, it mainly sported dark colours like black and violet splashed with a few hot pink notes.

Won Awards

All art displayed is (C) Valyce Negative/VeeNegative/Valery91Thunder, unless otherwise specified in the "Guest Artists" section. All Cuna De Rios' places and characters are fictious and any resemblance to real events or people is purely coincidential. Do NOT copy, reproduce, modify and re-distribuite parts and contents of this site. Web development help: Brunh. Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.