Friends And Colleagues!

Are you in need of more eye candy for your art fix? Go visit my friends' portfolios, blog and sites. Click on their banners below!

These below are members of the Griffinest art collective, which I am part of! We usually share convention booths and work on many collaborative projects, occasionally involving all of us!

- MLock - My boyfriend! Artist and illustrator focused on sequential art and a western style. Like me, he also specializes in anthropomorphic characters and he's especially good at pinups. He's also a professional script writer!

- Tales by Coeleth - Artist and illustrator focused on fantasy art, worldbuilding, and creature design. Her main projects are a series of fantasy comics and artbooks produced exclusively with traditional media!

- Diana's Sinergy - Sword-and-sorcery saga (written by MLock) where magic and the art of fighting blend together. The series is currently concluded and we're selling the volumes at conventions.

- Darkan - Landascape artist focused on natural scenes with a painterly or semi-realistic style. A real lover of nordic tales, has produced a series of story artbooks starring a group of viking explorers discovering a new world!

- Sara Aeritus - Freelance artist sporting an interesting multifaceted style, comfortable both with cute soft creatures and creepy designs! Also working on a postapocalyptic-slash-industrial comic, 9 Awake!

Other Real Life Friends
More great artists that I know IRL and often meet, or even work at conventions with!

- Te', Biscotti E Arte - Claudia's art reviewing blog with retrospectives, articles, comic and stories analysis, and a signal boost section (where I'm also featured)!

- Julie Karbon - Cartoon artist focused on character design with a round, bouncy and lively style. Does magnificent fanarts of several monster series such as Poke'mon, Yokai Watch, and indie games!

- Giulia/Crym - Freelance artist and fantasy creature designer with a dreamy and elegant style. Also does artisan crafts works such as woodworking, woodburning or even taxidermy!

- Ares' Workshop - Huge poke'fan! Freelance artist specialized in the art of cosplay, prop making, plush sewing and board game creation. A true all around artisan when it comes to monster design!

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