Friends And Colleagues!


My art collective! People I work with on projects and share convention booths.

Other Real Life Friends

Fellow artists who I also often meet irl!

Domain Affys!

Domains I'm affiliated with!


My firends on Neocities!

Webrings And Listings

Link To VN
Wanna be friends? Let's exchange banners! To apply, simply send me an email or a private message. Anything goes, but please no sites with illegal, hateful or uncensored NSFW content! Your banner will show up on this page and, if you're from NeoCities, also in my Playroom.
Below you can find my own banners that you will, in return, save and load on your site (you can choose to link either VN's mainsite or the Playroom!). Please, DO NOT hotlink these banners!

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