Telegram Stickers

Who doesn't love Telegram stickers? They're a great alternative to simple emojis for fun reactions and the best part is, everyone can make their own! I have been offering custom set commissions for years, so far producing more than 3500 stickers for customers! Yet from time to time I like to draw some for myself.
These following sets were originally for personal use, but since they feature characters coming from videogame, cartoon or movie franchises I decided to list them publicly. To me, it's a form of fanart and I bet more fans would love to expand their collection!
They're all free to install and use, and might get upgraded with new icons from time to time. Enjoy, and be sure to come back periodically to find new sets and updates!
Sets are ordered from newest to oldest, each with their own stats.

Are you looking for a Telegram set of your own? I'm available for sticker commissions! You can contact me via instant messaging or private note; prices and other info can be found at the dedicated sections.

  • Ryoga Hibiki from Ranma 1/2
    "Where the heck am I, now?"

    First created: October 2021
    Last Updated: October 2021
    Total stickers: 20
    Download it at this link!

  • Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors
    "Mean, green and from outher space!"

    First created: May 2017
    Last Updated: May 2017
    Total stickers: 18
    Download it at this link!

  • Ashley J. Williams from Evil Dead/Army Of Darkness
    "Hail To The King!"

    First created: December 2016
    Last Updated: December 2016
    Total stickers: 2
    Download it at this link!

  • Bobby Fulbright from the Ace Attorney series
    "In Justice we trust!"

    First created: November 2016
    Last Updated: November 2016
    Total stickers: 30
    Download it at this link!

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