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The city's origins Cuna De Rios finds its origins in the first half of the 19th century, during an era of mammalian and reptilian discoveries of uncharted territories of the northen central continent; unlike other caravans who treated the discovery almost as a competition, the expeditions of young agricultural and urban engineer Pantherum De Felinis, and the one of Virak'kara, matriarch of the spirit warriors tribe of Hibis'qis (who will later become the two city founders) had as mission friendly collaboration and territorial symbiosis.
Once temporarily stationed in the desertic area of Chanticoya, the group acknowledges their daily struggles with the harsh habitat, whose substantial lack of water hinders their attempts at cultivation and farming: Hibis'qis' survival knowledge and skills protected everyone from hazards, though it was only a temporary solution and the expedition feared the place wasn't inhabitable at all.
With a further expedition at north, a group of hydraulic engineers, cartographers and builders chosen by both Virak'kara and Pantherum among their men managed to discover a huge river (later named GrandScale) that could be split in its flow to create two smaller tributaries directed towards Chanticoya. Months of their conjoined efforts of agricultural and technological knowledges turned the desertic ground into ferile and cultivable soil, allowing both groups to establish themselves in the now flourishing and easily inhabitable Chanticoya territory, obviously big enough to host everyone.
The two groups collaborated into further developing the territory, each with their own typical lifestyles, that quickly became an established village, then city and finally metropolis as centuries went on. Virak'kara, who became a founder of the new land along with Pantherum, named their village Cuna De Rios, which means Cradle of Rivers.

Today, the three mega-districts of Cuna De Rios show specific and discernible enviroinments thanks to their personal development: the west-side is characterized by architectures rich with mystic and magic flavour and close to nature lifestyles; the east-most part of town has always shown affinity to technological progress and as such it hosts modern buildings and headquarters of scientific research; the central part of the metropolis, situated between the two rivers, is the beating heart of Cuna, a real mix of the two realities with a urban jungle style.

The city's map The three districts are named, from west to east: Grinoir, Palmshade, and Gearshine. The two rivers have kept their original tributary names, Primero and Segundo.
Several Cuna De Rios' places of interest or characters' living spaces have appeared in the gallery's illustrations!

🏡 Homes & Personal Rooms 🛌
  • Valy's Bedroom - Obviously green tinted with yellow retro furniture, this cozy place features a huge working desk for drawing or videogame repair.
  • Carabine's Bedroom - The sporty nerd tiger loves both violet and yellow tones in her room. The furniture may be sleek and minimal but all her collected trophies, books and sporting gear give her living space a clear touch of personality!
  • William's Bedroom - The writer's den, William likes to decorate his room with relaxing colours and its many inspirations.
  • Gloria's Bedroom - In true mid-2000s emo fashion, this personal cave is a dream corner for every riotgrl!
  • Tunny's Van - Tunleah is always travelling, so he has decided to permanently live in his trusty van. This compact space has everything he needs, and is usually parked at the a camping ground near Grinoir, or directly in front of the main gang's living place.
  • Alkaline's Bedroom - Heavily decorated with everything that a 90s kid would find "rad" and "tubular"; Alka's brother Purple Haze usually adds a couple dreamcatchers that help "cleanse spirits", or whatever he says.
  • Jamaila's Apartment - Located above her grandparents' bazaar, Jami's place is filled with plants, warm-coloured furniture and, best of all, has a huge veranda! Sunset-viewing is fantastic from up there.
  • Joypad and Program's Bedrooms - Styled more like a recharging pod than an actual bedroom, the cyborgs' living place is a true step into cyberpunk future!
  • Caffeine's Apartment - Caffeine's loud and messy attitude also reflects on his apartment style. He really should clean up when inviting people over!
🍻 Hangouts & Workplaces 🎢
  • The Sweet Curl - Candy's 50s styled icecream and pastry shop where she works as clerk, located in Gearshine!
  • Velvet Fur - One of Palmshade's irish pubs, the favourite for the main gang to hang out at; it also has a pool room.
  • The Pinball Wizard - An arcade situated in Gearshine which hosts many retro cabinets! Of course Valy would spend entire days in there.
  • Paws Up! - Karaoke, bar, and nightclub situated in Gearshine. Alkaline and Caffeine go there to sing. Don't go there while Alkaline and Caffeine are singing: your ears will thank you!
🌇 Outskirts 🌄
  • Palmshade's Marble Skatepark - Usually a skatepark during colder seasons, it turns into the main gang's favourite hangout for watergun battles in summer!
  • Mountainous side - Cuna De Rios' northen side is mountainous and the highways connecting it to other cities travel up and down these beautiful panoramas. Be careful at night, there might be people engaging in drifting contests!
  • Sandy Beaches - Cuna De Rios' artificial rivers are so big and well developed that its shores can host many sandy beaches. Palms and warm weather contribute into turning these places into tropical paradises! It's where Jamaila has the most fun; Gearshine also hosts a nice rollerskating promenade along a good part of Primero's east bank.

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