Meet The Gang!

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The Main Gang
Valy J. ThunderBeast Carabine Brighteyes Candy Fairfur Valery ThunderBeast William Bellamy Michael Levine Fredrick Kidd Tunleah Thompson Gloria Galvan Christian Cooper James Johenhill Gregory Lancaster Alkaline Sparkrabbit Purple Haze Sparkrabbit Acid Sparkrabbit Jamaila Turon Juana Bolivias Joypad Multimedial Program Livingvirus Caffeine Jolt Amphetamine Jolt Chrysanthemum Longtongue

Secondary Characters
Peppermint Fairfur Angor Digiti Juan Pedro Ramon Bolivias Rufus Helios Varkam Tartan Heart O'Wool Raindrop

EmptyHead Valyce Negative Valymander
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