Emptyhead's Model Sheet


Name: Emptyhead
Species: Pumpkin parasite
Gender: Unknown
Height: Head only: 0.23 m (0,75 ft). Roots can extend up to 1.00 m (3,28 ft).

Premise: Emptyhead is a "mutation" of Valy's original design. It is a seasonal, Halloween-only character form, meant to be considered an off-character joke that doesn't substitute Valy's main design, nor needs to conform to the rest of the characters and BTIT/Cuna De Rios universe's canons. However, if one of Valy's three mutations is present in a drawing, the other two or the original design will not appear alongside them.

Physical appeareance: Emptyhead is a plant parasite, appearing to be a living orange pumpkin with carved facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth, and peculiar bumps on its surface that look like animal-like ears and a very short snout. Its head can be opened to reveal a "cranium" room filled with orange goo, and several green branches/roots sprout from the back of its head, which are very flexible, prehensile and able to move quickly; from its mouth, several human organs or bones may be seen hanging. At night, the carved facial features emit a faint yellow, unearthly glow. It can't speak, but produces gurgles by blowing air into its puddle of goo. Its "Splash form" (so called as it leaves splashes of goo around while moving) is actually its main one, but can be seen substituting the head of a dead body in order to use it for better movement and coordination, securing itself by wrapping roots around the spine, or occasionally planting its nails situated at the bottom of the pumpkin into the body's neck. While the dead body may change identity, its default design looks like Valy's: short, feminine and showing its original fur colour but emaciated, with open gashes on arms and legs, and crooked nails protuding from wrists and ankles; bloodstains and bruises are scattered all over the body, clothes appear as tattered and dirty, and the tail has been stripped of its fur and skin. The body can be drawn in different stages of decay or with missing fingers, and it keeps a semi-digitigrade stand regardless of the host's original posture.

Psychological/Behavioural profile: Being a very graphic mutation, Emptyhead generally appears in gorey circumstances. The Splash form's main goal is to survive and spread (exactly like a classic parasite), and therefore doesn't care who its host is. However, its behaviour may change depending on the host itself, and can be vicious and aggressive or goofy and well-meaning depending on the host's original intentions.


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