Valymander's Model Sheet


Name: Valymander
Species: Blind Cave Salamander
Gender: Unknown
Height: 0.15 m (0.49 ft).

Premise: Valymander is a "mutation" of Valy's original design. It is a seasonal, Valentine's Day-only character form, meant to be considered an off-character joke that doesn't substitute Valy's main design, nor needs to conform to the rest of the characters and BTIT/Cuna De Rios universe's canons. However, if one of Valy's three mutations is present in a drawing, the other two or the original design will not appear alongside them.

Physical appeareance: Truly the smallest of Valy's mutations, this mini salamander can fit in the palm of one's hand: they're a plantigrade agendered creature, soft and squishy to the touch, completely covered in rubbery pink skin. The most striking feature about their huge head is the complete lack of eyes, although slight hollows where their sockets would be are visible. Valymander is blind, yet has photo-thermosensitive nerves that help them orientate around. A cream-coloured rubbery and wavy mohawk starts at the top of their head and goes down the spine, splitting in two at the back: the same mohawk becomes thinner and semi-transparent at the bottom of their back, runs at the sides of their tail (which is almost as long as their body) and ends at the tip. Valymander also has a collar of six reddish, membraned tendrils, three each side. Their arms and legs are very loose and flexible, showing no definite bone structure; their body is also completely lacking of markings or scars of any kind. Though being anthropomorphic in appeareance, they do not need any kind of clothing.

Psychological/Behavioural profile: Totally unfazed by their lack of sight, Valymander appears as a happy-go-lucky, bouncy little critter naturally attracted by positive emotions. They're affectionate and warmhearted, almost resulting clingy. Often gets hurt by running into obstacles, but regenerates rather quickly.


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