Raindrop's Model Sheet


Name: Raindrop
Species: Russian Blue Cat
Gender: Female
Allegiances: ThunderClan
Role: Warrior

Physical appeareance: Appears to be a normal sized, adult dark grey she-cat with pale grey/sand coloured spots all over the head, back and paws. She has a long, not so fluffy, light grey tail. Her amber eyes are a glowing touch of warm colour among her cold-hued fur. No major battle scars are visible under her pelt.

Short bio: Born in ThunderClan during a particularly stormy day, her mother decided to name her Rainkit. After finishing her training as Rainpaw, the Clan Leader proclamed her as a warrior with the name Raindrop, referencing to the lighter spots on her fur.
Although she doesn't possess the cunning and courage required to be a deputy or leader, Raindrop turns out to be a faithful and obedient warrior for her whole life. She can appear cold and stuck-up at first sight, especially when dealing with cats from other clans or outsiders; in battle, she prefers to surprise the enemy by pouncing from behind or descending from trees. When it comes to fighting bigger enemies such as dogs or badgers, though, she has a pessimistic point of view, and prefers to flee with her companions in order to bring them to safety. Doesn't mind if her fur is wet and she likes to hunt in the rain; once she becomes an elder, Raindrop willingly decides to change her name in Soakedfur.

Additional information: To be used only in pictures concerning the Warrior Cats setting; doesn't exist in the same universe as BTIT/Cuna De Rios.


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