Rufus' Model Sheet


Name: Rufus
Species: European Shorthair Cat
Gender: Male
Allegiances: Gregory Lancaster's pet cat; Chrysanthemum's best friend

Physical appeareance: Appears to be a zombiefied, normal sized, adult, black-furred tomcat with a solid coloured pelt. Fur is usually unkempt, but very soft; the most striking feature of his appeareance is surely the elongated spine and the body chopped in half, showing his insides (which most of the times are scattered around him) and soaking everything around him in blood. He has a round muzzle with a wide mouth, showing teeth even with his lips closed, and green, cartoonishly bulging eyes with yellowing sclera (eyes can often go in different directions). Claws on front paws are always unsheathed.

Short bio: Originally a roadkill, Rufus has been brough back to life thanks to Gregory's serum experiments; there have been several unsuccessful tries at putting him back "together", but he doesn't really mind his current state, and shows perfect health anyway: no one knows if it's because of science or dark magic reasons, he's just... there.
Despite the scary appeareance, Rufus is actually really just a goofball: his distorted meows and floppy appeareance are mostly funny to see and hear, and although he's able to stand up on his own, he likes to become completely limp when someone decides to pet and cuddle him. Thanks to his elastic body, he can also twist his limbs and neck however he wants.
Overall, he's just like a dumb plushie, and if you don't mind getting some blood on your clothes, he won't disdain a hug!

Additional information: Inspired by a very minor character appearing in the horror-comedy movie Re-Animator.


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