Gregory Lancaster

Greg's Model Sheet


Name: Gregory Lancaster, called Greg for short.
Species: Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf (Canis Lupus Irremotus)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: December 27th, 1977
Height: 1.90 m (6.23 ft)

Physical appeareance: A tall, well-built wolf whose body, once muscular and strong, is now showing weakness and tiredness due to age, work and hard times; despite being in his 40s, his usually bad posture, messy fur/hair and heavy bags and wrinkles under his eyes make him look way older than he actually is. He has pale tan, short fur all over his body, ungroomed and thick, which is stingy at touch, especially on the muzzle, which shows a darker colour and it's just the same as a beard. His hair is short and messy, very dark but blending to a lighter tone at the roots and his left ear shows a strange scar he got during a knife fight at a wild party. His eyes are big, deep and beautiful, shining with an ice-like blue blending to grey; they look tired and they are shadowed with black eyeshadows around them. Greg has a long lupine muzzle, bumped at the top with a slight curve. The long, fluffy tail is of a striking red colour, very different from the rest of his body. He has no piercings nor tattoos. He has a plantigrade posture, and his hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
He's usually seen with classic, semi-formal clothes which are suitable for his daily job (a general praticioner) and his part-time business (a private eye); however, his constant scruffy look is visible through such attires as well, and he generally looks unkempt and shabby. He usually wears button-up, long sleeved shirts both during summer and winter: these are generally light-coloured and may show a wide variety of classic patterns; in winter, the shirts are worn under blouses, woolen sleeveless vests, suit jackets, overcoats, and trenchcoats, all of which may be in grey, black, leather, or other dark, unsaturated colours. Although his jobs often require him to wear either a bowtie or a tie, he has a visible hatred for such accessories and will always refuse to tie them up; quite infact, he never wears any kind of accessory, be it necklaces, bracelets or rings, but will always bring his trusty zippo lighter with him and a few cigars of the best brand. He wears either denim or suit trousers, and walking shoes or loafers as footwear.

Psychological profile: Generally a reserved and introverted guy, this recluse of a canine hides behind a bitter exterior in order not to reveal his great observation skills, photographic memory, insight and charisma. He despises being at the center of attention, and therefore usually avoids noisy groups and people in general, though he's never aggressive or menacing as James: in order to push nuisances away, he'll adopt an ironic and selfish attitude, ending up sounding like a jerk. When he's more in a good mood, though, he comes up as a wise and deep person which likes to give advice based on his past experiences: some members of the gang regard him as a second fatherly figure, though he feels rather embarassed by such statement. His unpleasant stance also usually hides two of his biggest flaws: low self-esteem and will strenght, as well as a deep hostility for his own emotions.

Short bio: This middle-aged, grumpy British wolf doesn't like to talk about his past, though it's known that his family consisted of a mother and a deceased adoptive father, with whom he didn't have a perfect relationship. Showing a passion for sports and motorcycle racing since early ages, he has taken part in several rugby teams and motorcycle competitions during his high school days, ignoring or even hiding his excellent intuition and intelligence with a daredevilish and provocative attitude. He therefore loved to fool around with girls and brawl with boys, which resulted in several broken hearts, unstable relationships and weird accidents, like the one that left a permanent scar on his left ear. Finally fed up with such life, Gregory ultimately decided to take up medicine and psychology courses at the Cuna De Rios' university, later becoming a general praticioner and a pharmacist, and undertaking a part-time job of private investigations; later years have made him more and more hostile and pungent towards people, but his perspicacity and wisom still remain.

Qualities: Wise, cunning, sly, great observation skills, photographic memory and insight, charismatic, always full of advices.
Flaws: Recluse, introverted, low self-esteem and will strenght, hostile towards his emotions, harsh and abusive towards himself, sometimes caught stealing or using medicines prescribed for his patients.
Music genres associated: Classic Blues, Piano Blues, Downtempo.
Likes: Riding his motorcycle, autumn, gambling, cigars, whiskey, dark colours in general, thriller, medicine and philosopy books, staying outside at night (preferably alone with his thoughts).
Dislikes: Being bond by rules, tight clothes, bowties and ties, being way too noticeable, loud and continuous noises, people showing affection towards him.
Main interactions with other characters: Since he refuses to engage in long-lasting relationships of any kinds, Gregory has a very solitary life and therefore, he's not very well known in town, unless you're a patient of his, or you've asked him for some investigation counselling. Somehow, most of the guys from the gang know him and, to a degree, consider him some sort of friend or a second father figure (much to his awkwardness); for example, Valy has got her tailbase fixed under his guidance, Tunleah and James usually ask him when they're in trouble with their stitched arms (and in turn, Gregory often asks for cigars and liquors from the Lynx), and Jay gets his Ritalin from him (though Greg is known for taking some for himself once a while). When he really feels lonely, it's not rare to find him actually hanging out with the gang, either for a favor (he's mainly seen getting his motorbike fixed by Michael), to gamble together, or to mooch off drinks and smokes; when the noisiest characters like Candy or Fredrick show up to the party, though, he silently regrets his evening plans, much to the others' amusement. He enjoys playing gambling games with Amphetamine, or challenging him to motorcycle races. He's the owner of Rufus, and wisely takes care of him.


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