Fredrick Kidd

Fredrick's Model Sheet


Name: Fredrick Kidd (or better, either Rad or Mad Fred, as he likes to be called)
Species: European Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes Crucigera)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: December 9th, 1989
Height: 1.70 m (5.57 ft)

Physical appeareance: Fredrick is an averagely tall and built european red fox, leaning towards a slim figure. His fur is mainly orange, with white eartips and tailtip; he doesn't have any other kind of makring on his fur except some fairly visible red eyeshadows around his eyes. Short, puffy and reddish brown hair can be seen on his head, styled upwards with a big pointy tuft in the middle, sometimes shagging over his eyes. His eyes are very big, lively and shiny, with little puplils that make him look always excited; muzzle is medium lenght and very sharp-pointed. He has a thick, roundish tail. He has a plantigrade posture, and his hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
Usually seen with ska clothing or outfits that emulate the 50's rock'n'roll lifestyle, Fredrick almost always wears warm-coloured clothes and accessories, either desaturated or more gaudy; alternatively, his accessories (wristwarmers especially) are decorated with wild animal furpatterns. He largely prefers button-up shirts and polos that are worn along with bowties and sometimes suspenders. In winter, he covers himself with big and cozy flannel shirts or suit jackets; in summer, he can be seen with hawaiian shirts and bermuda shorts. He loves to wear sunglasses and hats at parties, especially if they're very eccentric!

Psychological profile: Active, funny and party-loving fox, always telling jokes and doing funny things for his friends. He has a perfect sense of humor and he's able to tell jokes of any nature, so he's likeable for everyone. His love for funny things though leads him to do also foolish or dangerous acts and stunts and he gets hurt often; he's also considered pretty guillible by others. He has an awesome sense of rhythm and can pull rhythm out of everything, making him a perfect drummer.
He's pretty impatient though, and he moves constantly. Fredrick is also known for his unstoppable, loud and quick loquacity. His mental flaws are his short memory, short patience and low concentration; however, he's very open to new friendships, especially females as he's pretty flirty and likes to entertain girls.

Short bio: Fredrick was born in Cuna De Rios from an average/rich-ish family of French heritage that owes all its popularity thanks to the used authorized car dealer that the father owns. Fredrick has spent most of his life living in Cuna De Rios and he has always been a funny and silly-acting fox. He recieves his first set of drums at age 12 from her mother, hoping that he would concentrate all his hyperactivity on the drums instead of acting silly.
In high school he meets his future best friends, William and Michael, along with Valy, Carabine and Candy. When the group decides to live together, he helps Carabine to find a good building to live in, setting for a two-story apartment block situated in Cuna De Rios' middle district. He's currently William's drummer of choice and lives with the others in the same building. He lives very close to the car dealer shop of his father and he works fulltime there. When he's old enough, he will inherit the place.

Qualities: Very good sense of humour and rhythm, open-minded and hearted, very loving with girls.
Flaws: Short memory, impatient, talks loud and fast, can't concentrate on something for too much.
Music genres associated: Ska, Rocksteady, 50s Rock'n'Roll.
Likes: Fire, bonfires, fireworks, beach parties, wine, stunts, playing his drums, warm colours in general (especially orange and yellow), stand-up comedy, parrots, wild dogs.
Dislikes: Whiny and overdepressed people, snails, waiting too much, ancient history/literature.
Main interactions with other characters: His best friends are obviously William and Michael. He is also very close to Tunleah who is a stuntman, and he usually challenges him doing foolish or dangerous things. He has an open relationship with Candy as he's very flirty and playful with girls in general, but doesn't go further classing wooings with them and still feels very faithful to his Mouse companion. He's friendly most with anyone and doesn't have rivals or dislikes; can be seen hanging out with anyone, even the silent and serious Gregory. He's an only child, with a very good parental relationship with his father.


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