William Bellamy

William's Model Sheet


Name: William Bellamy, called Billy by friends.
Species: Domestic Cat (Felis Catus)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: February 24th, 1989
Height: 1.62 m (5.31 ft)
Physical appeareance: Standing pretty short despite his age, this cat's main physical feature is his shortstack body, averagely proportioned but rounded up by the precence of medium length, very thick and soft fur, covering his whole body in a cool grey tone. His wavy hair is kept at a medium length and appears to be always messy. Its natural colour is black, but years of hairdye have rendered the tips weak and livid; William doesn't seem to be too bothered by this, though; many people see him with his usual dyes (crimson, blonde or blue, but may occasionally try other hues as well). His short and round muzzle is characterized by his mint green eyes encircled by dark eyeshadows. The grey tone of his fur is interrupted on the left arm by a colorful Japanese-style carp tattoo; the tattoo itself covers an older one which consisted in five coloured stars. His posture is plantigrade and the long, straight tail is almost always downward. His hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
Usually seen wearing black and/or dark and unsaturated outfits with bright-coloured details or designs: he prefers button-up shirts, but he wears also tees, polo shirts, hoodies and jackets. He wears jeans and trousers, though these look always long and baggy because of his height. He's never seen without a necktie: William has a wide collection of ties of every colour/pattern and wears them even when sleeping or at the beach. As for accessories, he can be seen with wristbands, studded belts and chains. Default footwear are sneakers of various colours, but can also wear suit shoes if the rest of the outfit is more formal.

Psychological profile: Although generally being an easygoing, optimistic and amicable kind of guy, William slightly suffers of a split personality disorder, allowing him to swap from a meek and calm temperament to an hyped up and rebellious one on a daily basis; he generally loves innocent jokes, but the aggressive side of his character may get him in trouble with people, especially the ones who lack patience, by turning such pranks in deliberate taunting. His friends are quickly able to spot this temperament change by the colour of his hair: cool tones or natural hair colour is used to represent his calm nature, while yellow, red and orange are used by his turbulent side.
His skills are mostly centered on music and arts: he's a good poet and songwriter, has a good sense of pitch and intonation and he mainly plays the guitar, though he's used to quickly learn how to play new instruments. Travels a lot, either alone or with his friends, and loves to learn about new people, point of views, memories, traditions and cultures; all key inspiration elements for his songs and, occasionally, his RPG campaigns, as he likes to play pen&paper/tabletop games with the rest of the gang from time to time.

Short bio: Born in Cuna De Rios from a large but not so rich family of Irish heritage, William is the eldest of six brothers/sisters (whom his gang of friends still haven't met, and therefore don't know their names). The loving and affictionate enviroinment of such a big family has lead him to have a caring and lovable attitude and generally develop habits in living among large communities and share the house with many people. The premature death of his father, an indipendent musician, has lead William to follow his steps and become a songwriter.
While befriending Michael during kindergaten years, William didn't meet his second best friend, Fredrick, until his high scool years, soon forming a garage band with them and developing a sort of rivarly between Valy, Carabine and Candy at first, then a huge and close friendship, so much so to agree in purchasing a two-story apartment block building in Cuna De Rios' middle district in order to live all together. Part of such building is, infact, his recording studio, where he conducts his fulltime job as a freelance songwriter and composer. While not being famous, he's still fairly known in town, frequently getting hired for live shows.

Qualities: Very good intonation, quick to learn musical instruments, skilled in reading music sheets and composing melodies, at ease in large familiar groups, amicable and easigoing.
Flaws: Shortstack body; a slight split personality may display him as arrogant, rebellious or impatient at times; on the other hand, when his personality is docile and serene, he might appear very easy to subdue and prone to get mistreated.
Music genres associated: Alternative Rock, Garage Rock.
Likes: Music making, collecting ties, tropical fish, the colours red, blue and black, travelling, discovering new cultures, writing.
Dislikes: Dirty or polluted places, mutilations/gore, venomous animals, rigid or snob people.
Main interactions with other characters: Obviously his best friends are Michael and Fredrick, even if Michael often teases him for his tiny physique. He's often seen with Valy who helps him fix amps, guitars and much more thanks to her crafting and repairing skills and his knowledge about musical electronics, though generally he's friendly and loving with most of the people he meets; Candy and Carabine are longtime friends as well; shares the love of poetry with Gloria, the traveller spirit with Tunleah and Purple Haze, and often friendly argues about social and political issues with Jay. He sometimes meets Gregory as the latter likes to give William an helping hand regarding his split personality disorder. Although curretly single, William has had various girlfriends, among these a Beaver named Haushinka, who later on became James' girlfriend for a while. After a long discussion with the group, Haushinka hasn't been seen hanging out with them since.


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