James Johenhill

Jimmy's Model Sheet


Name: James Johenhill, though very few people know his surname: he's mainly referred to with his street name, Jimmy, or by the malicious nickname "King of Idiots", as other streetgangs like to call him.
Species: Eurasian Lynx (Lynx Lynx)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: November 10th, 1989
Height: 1.85 m (6.06 ft)
Physical appeareance: A tall, lanky and slim lynx, almost resembling woozy and ill; his body alone wouldn't convey his badass attitude if it wasn't for the many other details of his appeareance! His short and slightly messy fur is, in fact, of a very pale beige colour that becomes darker only on the eartips and down his spine, tinting his short and poofy tail of a dark brown; his skin has a sick-ish grey-like tone as well, becoming darker on the nose; most strikingly, the main "diseased" feature of his body are the heavy, purple bags under his eyes. His ears are pointy and with an extra tuft at the tip that curves like a devilish horn, and the raven short hair is kept upright with a pompadour-styled tuft. James' face has two notable features: a "knife gash"-styled scar running vertically across both eyes and a crook on the right side of his muzzle (both pleasant "souvenirs" from old saloon brawls!).
Although often covered by his clothing, James's body hides several peculiar markings: he has three vividly coloured oldschool tattoos on his pecs and side, and his right arm has been switched with Tunleah's- hence, he has the Koala's grey arm starting from just below the shoulder and ending up just before the wrist- as a result of a weird, weird accident that he never likes to talk about. He has a plantigrade posture, and his hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
He wears classic punk clothing along with street accessories and, sometimes, rockabilly fashion outfits with modern influences. His main colours are black, grey and red, and his preferred symbols are the letter J and the "anarchy" logo. As for the clothes themselves, he's almost always seen wearing either long sleeved shirts, jumpers or tees worn under heavily decorated leather jackets (he may wear only tees or "wifebeater"-style tanktops in summer, though the right arm is almost always covered with a long sleeve, armbands or bandages). Preferred trousers are in denim or sweatpants, often baggy (mostly because he's got thin legs), and default footwear are Converse walking boots. His outfits often look either ragged or worn-out. He's never ever seen without a lit cigarette in his mouth!
As for accessories, he's known for always wearing at least three or more golden or silver chains around his neck and trousers, and double-studded belts. Leather bracelets, collars and armbands are also a favourite. He never forgets his pack of smokes, too!
He wears four spike piercings on the right ear, and an industrial and two golden hoops on the left ear. He carries a Makarov 9mm caliber, and he's able to do various tricks with cigarette smoke, allowing him to form single letters or simple symbols.

Psychological profile: James is usually a cold, reserved and silent guy who'd rather to stay on his own enjoying the aroma of a good cigarette and the taste of a fine whiskey than waste his time "being social" with a lot of people; he hates colorful and happy-go-lucky behaviors, and can act aggressive and threatening to whoever bothers him too much. Being used to the streetlife and to the "take care of your own" lifestyle rule, he's not very keen on helping people, talking about himself, or giving advices unless there's a lavish reward in return. In any case, he's very streetwise and independent, being able to survive any circumstance he's thrown into, regardless of how dire it is, and rather skilled in hand-to-hand combat despite his seemingly frail bodytype, resulting a good knife and gun weilder; street thugs who aren't brainless know how to respect and dread him. He can get violent if under influences, but he may sometimes get depressed by bad trips as his greatest fear is to hurt or kill himself while hallucinating.

Short bio: James is born in a ghetto of San Bernardino in California from newly-moved dutch parents. He's the firstborn, showing turbulent and unsociable attitudes since the early years, therefore his strict and demanding parents have always seen him as the black sheep of the offsprings and started ignoring him totally after the third child (a daughter) was born. He decides, at that point, to live more in the streets than at home, deying his surname and introducing himself with the nickname Jimmy. Here, he follows and admires older streetgangs learning how to be a leader, a fighter, and survive any dire enviroinment; he gets to know the young traveller Tunleah, who will decide to run away from town with him. On the way, they meet Gloria first (forming the gang called "The Idiots" whom James becomes the boss) and then decide to install themselves in Cuna De Rios where he meets the last member of his gang, Jay, which will turn into being one of his greatest friends (though he'll never admit that!). Ending up in the basement of Valy & co's building before knowing it was going to be inhabited, Jim and his gang finally get accepted by the others, with Valy and the others allowing them to share the place, as long as they contribute to the house's expenses. James considers the place to be the Idiots' headquarters, and almost unbeknownst to Vee and friends, the Lynx regards her and the other housemates to be "honorary" Idiots members. Some actually like and "wear" such a label, others don't... but even if rather unhortodox, that's Jim's way of showing affection and gratitude. Currently "officially" unemployed by social standards, he actually makes a rather good income from streetgang jobs; dealing mainly in smuggling rings and commissioned vandalizations.

Qualities: Indipendent, tough, skilled in knife, hand-to-hand and gun combat, streetwise, die hard.
Flaws: Slim and lanky body giving him a seemingly "sick" look, crooked muzzle, unsociable behavior, bad temperament, hard-hearted.
Music genres associated: Street Punk, Rockabilly.
Likes: Good cigars and quality liquors, vinyl discs, snakes, spiders, narrow streets, solitude, the colours red and black, oldschool tattoos, personalized leather jackets, chains, the night.
Dislikes: Running short on drugs, round and soft things, his family, frightening trips.
Main interactions with other characters: His social level is below average, however he's fairly known between streetgangs. He keeps a solid friendship only with the members of The Idiots, while the others are just acquitances (if not even nuisances); Jay is absolutely his closest buddy, and despite the apparent teasing and mistreating, he actually takes pride in the cheetah's admiration towards him, and in exchange, James's always ready to defend him in street fights. Jamaila, Gregory and Purple Haze are his "friends" only when it comes to prescription drugs and smoking goods. He can't stand Carabine and Michael's classy and intellectual behaviour, but he's pretty conscious of Michael's brutal force so James never starts up arguments with them. He's had an affair with a street urchin Beaver named Haushinka for a while, after she left William. After a long discussion with the group, Haushinka hasn't been seen hanging out with them since.


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