Christian Cooper

Jay's Model Sheet


Name: Christian Cooper, though very few people know him with this name: he's mainly referred to with his street name, Jay Of Suburbia, which is shortened to J.O.S. or Jay, as all of his friends and coworkers call him.
Species: Cheetah (Acinonyx Jubatus)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: July 4th, 1990
Height: 1.75 m (5.74 ft)

Physical appeareance: Average built and average height, covered in soft yellowish fur with black markings visible on ears, back, arms, legs and tail (face/head, chest/belly and hands/feet don't have any spots); legs and thighs are especially developped and powerful, allowing him to run fast and jump at decent lenght and heights; the lower part of his body, therefore, results thicker and slightly more muscular than the upper part. His hair is blonde, darker on tips, straight and long enough to cover his big, violet eyes with a straight fringe. He has a round medium muzzle and the first tuft of fur on his cheecks is always upright. The averagely long, straight and soft tail ends with a single loop of black fur.
Usually wears anime-looking mid 00's trasgressive and emo clothes, highly preferring the croptop/tanktop and fishnet shirt combination, but also wears longsleeved shirts, especially if they have some cool streetart or skate art graphic printed on; such clothes often show rippings or patches to go along with his "sk8er boy" aesthetic. He wears 1 industrial piercing and 2 golden loops on the right ear, and 4 silver loops on the left ear. Studded/spiked chokers and collars are among his favourite accessories and he almost always wears them, along with several golden or silver chain necklaces with pendants. The peace sign and his nickname initial, J, can be often found as a decoration for pendants, belt buckles or on shirts; can be also seen wearing several spiked bracelets or leather/lacy arm decorations. Almost all of his denims are skinny, and therefore also enjoys wearing leggings; as for footwear, his default choice are Converse boots. Is usually seen wearing dark violet and turquoise coloured clothes together, but also likes to wear black, grey, white and gold; likes both desaturated and flashy hues. His health is mostly good, but he's paranoid and sometimes suffers of social anxiety, leading him to have periods of depression and tiredness or moments of histerical rebellion. Frequent headaches and mental exaustation have lead him to abuse of Ritalin and now he's addicted to it. He has a plantigrade posture, and his hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.

Psychological profile: As a standalone, Jay is actually an overly sensitive, emotional, naive and daydreaming cheetah, suffering of a mild social anxiety that makes him act awkward, clumsy, reserved and shy in public places, especially around people he doesn't know. Actually being a very hopeful and resourceful guy with a lot of visionary ideas on "how to change the world" (as he calls it), Jay strives to be a more stable person by blindingly following whoever looks more street-savvy than him, first among these his best friend, James. Trying to emulate the though Lynx, Jay often aims at acting and appearing rebellious, confident and turbulent, but failing just short; for example, he has tried taking on the habit of smoking by copying James, but doesn't like it as much as him and the drag in his mouth is rarely actually lit. Under Ritalin, he may act shaky or have a few hallucinations, and although he's a very emotionable person, he often finds it difficult to express his feelings of love toward Gloria. He's also often rather cowardly, and he's known to run away from fights and problems. He dabbles in political ideas, mostly because he never likes the current management (regardless of what side it is) and enjoys discussing about social statistics and issues.

Short bio: Jay was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. His single mother is very young and often changes mate (the last one, Brad, is so young that Jay considers him like a brother); due to this habit, the Cheetah doesn't know his actual father nor the rest of his family, and he's fairly sure his heritage is fairly mixed. Family issues have never bothered him very much though, as he's always been far more interested in political stances and regulations, especially on coming up with new inspirational, visionary ideas to make city life a better place, and therefore overthrowing the current, outdated and corrupted government. Being too poor to attend a specialized school, Jay learns everything about his passion from media and streetlife, with the downside of taking rumors seriously and mixing up lies with reality. He leaves home in his teen years to go in search for fame and fortune all around the USA, but gets lost soon and ends up stuck in Cuna De Rios, where he befriends James and joins the rest of his gang, The Idiots, convinced that his Lynx mentor would help one day to conquer his social fears and spread his idealisms all over the world (to this day, though, he hasn't done much). His nickname "Jay" also comes by the fact that he wants to emulate James so much, he'd rather have the same initials as him! Along with "working" as an Idiot's streetgang member and dealing with several little paid tasks "on the side", he officially works as a delivery boy for Amazon, though his employment doesn't allow him to be fully indipendent.
Initially living clandestinely in the basement of Valy's apartment block building with the Idiots, the Wolf and others discover them pretty soon and, after a bit of arguments, actually end up befriending the gang and letting them stay, agreeing on splitting up the rent even more. Like the rest of the Idiots, he's a decent roomate, but one of those members of the house who accidentally ends up doing more damage than anything.

Qualities: Visionary, sweet and devoted, emotional, profound even if it doesn't look so!
Flaws: Social anxiety, awkwardness, shyness, Ritalin addicion that give him hallucinations, tiredness and periods of discouragement.
Music genres associated: Late 90's/early 00's Skatecore, Emo Pop.
Likes: Doing graffiti art, collecting piercings and chains, modern videogames, stargazing, skateboarding, procrastinating, the colours violet, turquoise and gold, hot dogs, beer, fishnet tanktops, panthers, snow leopards.
Dislikes: Hypocrite, old-fashioned, intollerant and corrupted people, stale and outdated government legislations, ties.
Main interactions with other characters: Most of his social life revolves around the gang life: James is his dearest friend and Jay sees him like a mentor, while Gloria is his girlfriend, although his awkwardness often lead them to have arguments and misunderstandings. He's also very close to Tunleah, with which loves to go skateboarding and graffiti making, and he's especially interested in Valy's tattoo job for the intriguing designs. He gets along fairly well with everyone of the building he's in, in general, be it boy or girl, due to his sensitive attitude, and prefers not to bother and downright ignore whoever may respond too annoyed by his clumsiness, especially Valery and Carabine. Gregory is his personal doctor and recieves Ritalin from him.


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