Valery ThunderBeast

Valery's Model Sheet


Name: Valery ThunderBeast
Species: Hellish Chimera (Chimaera Incubi) featuring Wolf, Bull and Snake parts.
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: April 29th, 1991
Height: 1.65 m (5.41 ft)
Physical appeareance: Strong, with a fit, agile and androgynous body. Her main feature is the ability to generate electric energy from her body and discharge it on enemies. Fur is tidy, but short and bristly: it shows a slightly darker and more desaturated tone compared to Valy's and it turns green on her hands/wrists, feet/ankles, spine and eartips. This is due to the different blood flow in these parts, bringing more elecricity towards such areas: in fact, the same parts also have a blueish skin (this doesn't bring any body aching or blood problems though). Her very long hair, always flowy and messy especially on the forehead, also undergo the same colour change where the static electricity gets stronger, as well as forming two upright antennaes on top of her head which are, most of the times, bristling with voltaic energy. She has yellow eyes, encircled with thick eyeshadows and able to glow in the dark. Her skin is dark, but still of a reddish/flesh colour: can be seen on the inner ears, forked tongue and nose. Has a straight and thin muzzle, sharp at the end.
Because of her monsterish Chimera appeareance, her body has phisical features of three animals: Valery has the main looks of a canidae, but with taurine horns, and plantigrade hooves. Her forked tongue and long canines are snake-like, as well as her long, sleek tail which terminates in an arrow-like, demonic tip. Doesn't have any pawpads nor animalistic claws.
Adehering to her mainly supervillain-like looks, she prefers dark-colored leather clothes in which she can stay well covered to hide her identity but at the same time move easily; her main uniform consists of a t-shirt, an opened trenchcoat and a pair of trousers/boots. She can be seen wearing lighter clothes during summer, but still bearing the distinctive looks of her main outfit. Most of her clothes are also equipped with metal, spiky parts as an additional weaponry. She's also never seen without her combat gloves, made out of strong and durable leather with metal reinforcements. They're equipped with retractable claws, able to conduct her electric powers, and a strangling wire.

Psychological profile: A silent, aloof and aggressive kind of person who prefers working alone. She often dislikes the company of most people, especially large noisy groups, as she feels superior to others and may be easily annoyed by their attitude. Her powers and abilities drive her to aspire for destruction and supremacy and she often solves problems with violence. She's a serious and intelligent being but mainly driven by her hot-tempered and cruel instincts, preferring material possessions and richnesses to emotional ones. Mainly active at night.

Short bio: Valery was generated in a parallel dimension, inhabited by monsters and mutations, in which most creatures are sick and twisted; in this world, she was known as a chaotic creature who spreaded terror and aimed for the most powerful roles of society. Ultimately caught and banished from such dimension, Valery and her Jackerpillar sidekick, Angor, end up in Cuna De Rios' universe with no chance of going back; uberknownst to her "normal" version at first, she accidentally settles in the attic of her shared two-story apartment block building. Once Valy finds out, she agrees to accept Valery as one of the family, helping her integrate into the real society (so different and strange from her homeworld) and sometimes, giving her a couple of (unsuccessful) lessons on how to control her temper. In Valy's dimension, she decides to take the role of a vigilante, beating up thugs and hooligans, although her way of fighting often damages the streets and electric sources. In rare occasions she's also hired as an assassin, and in some cases she may just pick up a fight to satisfy her animalistic need for violence. As she doesn't know much of the real world, she has quickly become a distant observer of normal people and daily life (that is, when she isn't chasing down victims). Being Valy's "twin", she shares similar tastes for music and arts, though preferring horror related works and an heavier genre of rock. She's interested in medicine too, but more as an art of killing than healing.

Qualities: Intelligent, agile, strong, observing.
Flaws: Hotheaded, cruel, materialistic, frigid, violent, merciless, hungry for power, her methods of fighting are often desctuctive to the surrounding area.
Music genres associated: Heavy Metal, Horrorsynth.
Likes: Solitude, aiming for power, strong winds, post-apocalyptic enviroinments, moonless nights.
Dislikes: Loud and colorful people, crowds, boiling-hot weather, strong lights.
Main interactions with other characters: She goes out with few members of the gang, as she tries to avoid getting angry and hurting them: as a matter of fact, she has promised Valy not to hurt any of her friends. Valery enjoys the faithful company of her twin, who understands her behaviours but also tries to teach her mannerisms of the real world (although the Stupid Wolf knows well not to enrage her!). James is another pleasant company for Valery, as they both share similar attitudes and views on power positions, and she often meets up with Gregory and Acid during her solitary nightwalks. Candy, with her boastful and colorful nature, is the character Valery avoids the most. Angor was her sidekick and most faithful follower in her home dimension, but in the real world, he has been transmutated to a permanent feral form; he has become her minion, though Valery still treats him as a respectable, sincere ally to fight alongside with.

Additional notes on the character: Secondary personal alter-ego, mostly representing inspirations and creativity, opposed to Valy, which instead represents a material incarnation. Her "parallel dimension" origins and the obliviousness to most aspects of the real world reflect the fact that, even in my mind, the "Valery" ego is very far from anything that is real or material.
She's a completely different, standalone character compared to Valy and as such, she's not considered one of her mutations.


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