Angor Digiti

Angor's Model Sheet


Name: Angor Digiti
Species: Jackerpillar
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: October 17th, year unknown.
Height: 1 m (3.28 ft) when on fours, 1.74 m (5.7 ft) when standing on hind legs.
Allegiances: Valery's sidekick.

Physical appeareance: A monstrous canine-like creature that is best described as a "cross between a Jackal and a Scorpion" by terrestrials, Angor appears as huge and menacing, completely covered with jet-black fur that sports just a few gold markings on his head, chest, and along his back and tail. He is a quadrupede being, although he's able to stand on his hind legs when intimidating or attacking adversaries. One of his most striking features is the presence of several extra forelegs: Angor has, infact, four pairs of walking legs and one pair of pincers located on his shoulders, whose last part has been sawed off and is now permanently covered by rags. On his muzzle, two pair of yellow eyes can be seen along with several dark-green antennae and two long, needle like canines. He usually keeps his mouth shut when calm, but whenever he opens his mouth, a pair of claws and an extremely long, jade-coloured tongue come out. Angor is able to dislocate his lower jaw in order to fully expose his mouth claws.
He doesn't need to wear any clothing, but he can be seen with a spiked collar. Apparently, he wears it for fashion and in order to feel "clothed", because he's nobody's pet!

Psychological/Behavioural profile: When in battle, Angor is mainly motivated by vengeance instincts after losing his pincers; pushed by bleak sentiments of pain and blind rage, he strikes mercilessly like a berserk, completely ignoring the enemy's offence. However, outside battle, he's actually much more amiable than Valery, though still being a wicked creature. He has a curious heart, and is a good caretaker when it comes to taking care of his or other Jackerpillar's offspring (called Larvae).

Short bio: Angor was generated in a parallel dimension, inhabited by monsters and mutations, in which most creatures are sick and twisted; in this world, Jackerpillars are a very thriving species of anthropomorphic shape, with human-like behaviours and intelligence: Angor was known to be Valery's most faithful follower. Ultimately caught, Angor has suffered the loss of his pincers as punishment for his crimes, and got banished from the dimension along with Valery, ending up in Cuna De Rios' universe with no chance of going back; the dimension shift has greatly altered Angor's shape, transmuting him into a permanent feral form and behaviour; however, Valery refuses to see him as a pet or an otherwise "lesser being", still treating him as the respectable, sincere ally she has always known, and ordering others to do just the same.


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