Acid Sparkrabbit

Acid's Model Sheet


Name: Acid SparkRabbit; she's referred to as Sparklebun by friends.
Species: Galactic Rabbit (Oryctolagus Sideris) with some reptilian features.
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: Cloned (and created) on October 3rd, 2002, but body features, internal organs and intelligence/way of thinking are that of a 1990-born being. In short, she's "born" as an adult and never had childhood years!
Height: 2.00 m (6.56 ft)

Physical appeareance: Acid is very tall and uses her height and posture to intimidate adversaries during battle. Her body, however, is sterile and lacking in any natural features, making her look "pointy-shaped" and barren. Her body is only partly covered in short black fur, as most parts (muzzle, ears, arms, legs, back, tail) show instead a thick, rubbery, semitransparent external skin, which glows green on front and right parts, and pinkish violet on back and left parts. She has mediumshort, straight and coarse violet hair, almost naturally kept in a pointy mohawk, and her eyes are pale yellow with small pupils. On the crooked, crocodile-like muzzle are visible several of her main feaures, such as the "chelsea smile"-like scars, starting from the edges of her mouth and running up her cheeks (something her "creators" gave her!), the peculiar teeth set visible even with a closed mouth (consisting of big rabbit-like incisors with a chipped right tooth and short but sharp alligator-like teeth), and her long black tongue, which is sided with two glowy strips (light blue on right, pink on left) which are venomous glands and are used in battle: blue side is a corrosive liquid, pink side is a paralyzing serum. Her hands and feet are equipped with claws (bigger on feet) and her posture is semi-digitigrade; however, she doesn't have pawpads. Acid walks barefoot like all Galactic Rabbits. Her tail is small, triangular, and completely covered in pinkish glowy rubber.
She is usually seen wearing industiral, rave and cyberpunk clothing, all of which is stripped down to the bare minimum in order to allow any sort of movement and ideal body transpiration (considering her rubbery parts). On the good side, though, she doesn't suffer cold and, in winter, she's still seen going around in short or no-sleeves, although it's common to see her with fluffier accessories or glove-sleeves combinations during colder days. Though she never wears any kind of eyewear, headgear or body/facial piercings, she never goes out without her set of aluminium collar, bracelets and ankle loops, originally used by her creators to control her, but now simply kept as a way to positively master her strenght. Preferred choice of clothing is a sleeveless top and shorts combination, which can be in black, dark green or dark blue: variations include crop tops, sheath skirts, bandages, and loose shirts (the latter are usually borrowed by Alkaline). Shorts and skirts never go beyond knees. Biohazard and toxic symbols are common decorations for Acid's clothes, as well as chains or metal charms and belts.

Psychological profile: Having never experienced a true childhood, it's hard to say that Acid has ever felt innocence or genuine thoughts: she's always been very spiteful, aggressive, rough and sour, making her an almost unapproachable kind of person. She's instead very trained and skilled in hand-to-hand combat, showing great running and jumping capabilities, strong claws and teeth, and a dangerous array of venomous natural weapons (paired with a very high-pitched warcry/laugh that would make any enemy succumb to fear!). Although her glowy appeareance might look like a punch in the eye on Earth, she was especially designed to blend into Industrius' matallic and neony surroundings, with positive outcomes!
However, since she was not successfully programmed to be genuinely evil, after reuniting with Alkaline and Purple Haze and acting as a solitary, reclused grump for a while, Acid has realized her personality wasn't the best: it took her strong will and self-control to overcome her violent instincts, and although still feeling very nervous and insecure about herself, she now acts as a more reasonable and approachable person (though still being rather aloof, stingy, and remorseful); nowadays it's easier for people to see her calmer, and in some rare occasions, even sporting out a pure, gentle smile. Her brothers and friends appreciate and incourage such improvements!

Short bio: Acid was created as a synthetic being/clone by a group of reptilian scientists of planet Industrius as a nemesis for Alkaline, using the purple bunny's recovered DNA; however, since such clone was programmed to be the opposite of the original, Acid turned out to be untrustworthy and unruly, therefore turning her back against her creators, showing particular remorse and spite towards them as she turned out to be envious of other beings, which are instead naturally born. She therefore teamed up with who was supposed to be her enemy, Alkaline, to destroy them. When Purple Haze announced his will to move to planet Earth, Acid agreed to come with her "step" brother and sister, ending up being "adopted" by the SparkRabbit family. Unlike Alkaline and Purple Haze, her first approach with the new planet was rough due to her harsh personality, and during the first period, she preferred to live as a recluse. After discovering the love for rave parties, discos, chemistry, and abandoned warehouse/factory investigations, she worked to improve her temperament (especially aided by the firendly and easygoing Purple Haze), becoming almost successfully a member of society (though still showing flaws). She lives now with Alkaline and Purple Haze, and works part-time as a light technician, especially for the nightclubs of Cuna De Rios' lower district.

Qualities: Great fighter, has toxic weapons at hand, is working to improve her temperament, blends perfectly in industrial enviroinments and raves.
Flaws: Terrible personality, doesn't stand harsh words, very vengeful, still insecure of herself, her neons are a punch in the cornea in broad daylight, may have frequent nightmares when particularly nervous.
Music genres associated: Instrumental Trance, Gabber.
Likes: Rave parties, studying chemistry, visiting abandoned warehouses and factories, glowsticks, citrus fruits, carnivorous plants, white rats, dinosaurs.
Dislikes: Natural light, most people (at first sight), her home planet, being teased, nightmares.
Main interactions with other characters: She has a low social level, but rather known among disco owners because of her job... and also among dancers and ravers! She's usually seen with Candy as she shares the same love for rave parties, and with Joypad and Program, whose neon-equipped body is very similar to hers. Program is a good friend to her, as she understands his mischievous nature, and is known that she shares mutual respect for James. Alkaline and Purple Haze are her step sister and brother, the first one being a rather close relative and companion of choice when it comes to exploring, and the latter being very supportive of her personality improvement, often helping with relaxing therapies and various suggestions.


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