Purple Haze Sparkrabbit

Purple's Model Sheet


Name: Purple Haze SparkRabbit; friends and family call him Haze.
Species: Galactic Rabbit (Oryctolagus Sideris)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: January 31st, 1986
Height: 1.90 m (6.23 ft)

Physical appeareance: Haze stands just a tad shorter than Alkaline, but is actually older than her: his bodytype is healthy and average overall, yet not muscly or particularly athletic. His orange, thick, and longer-than-average fur gives volume and softness to his body, especially on parts where the fur is lighter such as cheeks, chest and belly. He has a brownish beard along his cheeks, upper lips and chin, and his short lapine muzzle always shows incisors even with a closed mouth. His ears are broad and with a round tip, always floppy and kept swaying along with his hair: he has three industrial piercings on each eartip, green on the left and aqua blue on the right. He has longish brown straight hair, worn messy and unruly and kept clumped in thick locks. Front bangs are usually shagging over his purple eyes even though he always wears his purple bandana. He wears round pince-nez reading glasses. His puffy, short and cotton-like tail is always kept upright and, like all galactic rabbits, he's used to walk barefoot and therefore has very strong, resistent footpaws, covered in long fur. Two tattoos can be seen on each shoulder: a minimalistic circle of stars on the right one, and a newschool lotus flower on the left one. He has a plantigrade posture with no animalistic claws nor pawpads.
Purple Haze's fashion sense is mainly inspired by the classic and modern hippie cultures, with a tinge of ethnic fashion from all over the world. His never-missing headband is purple and has a silver "peace" logo decoration. All his clothings are large, baggy and comfortable, made up of soft and warm fabrics like silk, flaxen cloth, cotton and wool. He wears button-up shirts, t-shirts, sleeveless tanktops, ponchos, pullovers, hoodies and cardigans which are generally decorated in tie-dye techniques or sporting various trippy, psichedelic or ethnic patterns. Usually, any colour will fit him, as long as it isn't pitch black. Just like the rest of his clothings, his trousers are also generally baggy, which can be denims or slack/sweatpants, kept in place either with normal belts or with scarf belts. As for accessories, he can be seen wearing scarves, leather necklaces with pendants, rope or "friendship" bracelets but also kandi bracelets and leather accessories.

Psychological profile: Purple Haze is a very serene and harmoinous guy with a laid-back personality, who likes to help people feel at ease and relaxed with the help of his musicteraphy/aromatherapy/herbal medicine knowledges. He's very patient, dreamy, sensitive and optimistic, but he's also very lazy, often lightheaded and absent-minded, generally forgetting his daily chores and errands (which is why he tries to keep track of everything leaving a flurry of post-its, notes and writings around!) or procrastinating on his duties, leaving his worries for tomorrow. He's still a very funny and enjoyable person, and most lively people will appreciate his company.
He is perfectly healthy, but he sleeps so much and so deeply that some think he's narcolectic. He's occasionally seen smoking either joints or bio tobacco, and follows a vegetarian diet.

Short bio: Born in a far suburb of Tubelectric City (capital of the planet Tubelectric), Purple Haze has always shown to have a much more peaceful and low-key behaviour compared to his adventurous younger sister Alkaline, becoming pecularly interested in the art of wellness and sensory experiences, therefore embracing a vast genre of "new age" lifestyles and therapies. Even nowadays he is not interested in conflicts and he's always reclutant to fight, preferring to talk problems out and compromise decisions. Despite being completely different from her sister, he's still very fond of Alkaline (with both their parents basically missing since they were kids, Haze has been responsible for her safety since ever!) and didn't like to see her encounter many dangers while on their home planet, so as soon as they "adopted" Acid, he located a nice suburb on Earth to escape to and live a quieter life. Fully adapting into the terrestrial lifestyle (which wasn't that different from their homeplanet anyway), the three siblings have moved in Cuna De Rios. Purple Haze works as an herbalist and an aromatherapist, but as a side income, also offers classic guitar lessons (although he can also play different percussions, especially bongoes). One of his long-term students is Juan Pedro, Jamaila's younger brother.

Qualities: Serene, harmonious, laid-back, dreamy, patient, sensitive, optimistic.
Flaws: Often sleepy, lightheaded, absent-minded, will have difficulties in remembering names/dates/appointments/other details, very lazy, a true procratinator.
Music genres associated: Psychedelic Funk, Boogie.
Likes: Beatnik and hippie culture, aromatherapy, music therapy, gardening, tie dye techniques, Wolkswagen 70s vans (with which he follows concert tours... when he's not hitch-hiking!), sunny meadows and beaches, tofu, naps, lava lamps.
Dislikes: Pollution, smog, grey, loud crowds, thick smoke and overly pungent scents.
Main interactions with other characters: Alkaline and Acid are his sibilings, and the three are the only Galactic Rabbits known in Cuna De Rios. He's known and befriended by most of the gang, having formed a strong bond with Jay and Gloria, and is often seen being approached (or pestered?) by James for smoking goods. Alkaline is the person that Purple Haze has the strongest relationship, being not only his sister but also a faithful friend to tell secrets and reveal feelings to; and as for Acid, although she's technically not his "sister", Haze still considers her part of the family, willing to help her overcome violent instincts with calming scents and sounds. He especially enjoys the company of William, Fredrick, Candy, and Peppermint, and he's Jamaila's boyfriend.


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