Peppermint Fairfur

Peppermint's Model Sheet


Name: Peppermint Fairfur, called Pepper by friends and family.
Species: Mouse
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: March 9th, 1986
Height: 1.66 m (5.44 ft)
Allegiances: Candy's older sister, Fondente's younger sister, Vanilla and Frost's daughter.

Physical appeareance: Peppermint appears to be a laid-back and cool-tempered female mouse coming from the Fairfur family, older sister of Candy and second daughter of Vanilla and Frost. Compared to her sister, she has a thinner and more androgynous body, with lesser curves; her mannerisms, voice and gestures are more tomboy-ish as well. Her short soft fur is of a solid, creamy-like colour extending all-over her body; the only parts showing her reddish skin are her long, thin and slightly prehensile tail, her nose and inner ears. Peppermint's most striking feature is her hair, red and short but sporting very long front bangs that completely cover her eyes! No one has ever seen them, and everyone's unsure on what her eyecolour is. Maybe Candy has witnessed them at a very early age, but she won't tell for sure: it's a family thing now. She has a plantigrade posture, and her hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
Her appeareance and outfits are inspired by both hipster and beatnik cultures, preferring stockings, leggings, boots, sheath dresses, oversized parkas, coats and scarves. She smokes occasionally, preferring to snatch cigarettes from her friends instead of buying her own.

Psychological/Behavioural profile: Peppermint is one of those people in groups of friends that don't always share much of themselves, but sure enjoy the company of cool people, appearing at events and night-outs almost without notice; you sit in a pub with the homies and bang, suddenly you're buying a beer for her, too!
She can act cool and a tad aloof, yet never appearing unfriendly or unwelcoming, keeping a laid-back personality. She's fond of artists, bands and media no one has ever heard of, and has studied economy and law in order to help the family's business while still working behind a desk. Although being older than Candy and the others in the main crew, she can still be seen hanging out with them, showing a very strong and affictionate sisterly bond with the white mouse.

Music genres associated: Indie Rock, Britpop, 60s Pop.


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