Candy Fairfur

Candy's Model Sheet


Name: Candy Fairfur
Species: House Mouse (Mus Musculus)
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: June 22nd, 1991
Height: 1.62 m (5.31 ft)
Physical appeareance: Average height and built, with a feminine proportioned body, well endowed on hips and thighs. Sports a pure white and soft fur, absolutlely lacking in markings, scars or other colour changes, that covers all of her body (paws included) except for the tail, which is thin, long and flexible enough to be partly prehensile. Her hair is gathered in thick locks, but always kept loose; main colour is violet at the base but it graduately changes to blue and then cyan on the tips. Her eyes are big, lively and of a pink-like red. As seen from her nose and tongue, she has a reddish pink skin, clearly stating she's of a perfect health status. She has a short, round, rodent-like muzzle with visible incisors even with her mouth closed. Standing on a plantigrade stance, both her front and hind paws lack of animal-like claws or pawpads.
Her clothes are very girly and inspired by the rave and kitsch cultures, always of gaudy colours ranging from blue and violet to red, orange, pink or yellow, sometimes decorated with glitter, neon or glow-in-the-dark details; also wears a lot of kandi necklaces and bracelets of the same colours, and doesn't mind wearing rings and earrings of any style. Doesn't have any facial or body piercing, though. Likes to wear any kind of upper clothing that simulates a crop top/tank top combo: this also includes sleeveless, short sweaters or jackets combined with shirts.
Prefers wearing miniskirts and occasionally shorts of any style, and in any case she always wears something that shows her legs, which might be sporting a pair of long stockings as well. She wears either boots, chunky heels or ballerina flats depending on her outfit. She doesn't like dark or black coloured clothing and overly large T-shirts, trousers and hoodies.

Psychological profile: A overly extrovert, effusing and confident person, she's almost always in a good mood and likes to have happy people around her, thus bringing her to do the best to cheer up people with her outgoing personality. Likes parties, places full of people, music and colours, but most of all she likes to be at the center of attention! She absolutely hates to feel useless or unimportant for her friends. With the flaw of being sometimes superficial or domineering, she's able to turn into a real pest or a psychological bully if she doesn't like a person or things don't unfold as she desires. She uses her moral pranks to defend her friends from unwanted people as well. She has a huge fear of the dark, which represents the complete absence of colours, and thus she can't stand staying in pitch-black rooms and narrow streets without any light at all.
Short bio: Born in Amarillo from a pretty large family, benefitting of a medium-high economical status since her parents own a rather successful farm business. Since the early years, she shows to be a sociable, friendly, loud and chatty person, a lover for colours and light shows. Taking advantage of her cheering up passion, she has been a successful cheerleader during secondary school. She's not perfectly atlethic, but has a good sense of rhythm and coordination making her a nice dancer, thus leading her to love rave parties as essence of people gathering, light play, loud music and vivid flashy colours. In between high school and early university years spent in Cuna De Rios, Candy has befriended Valy and Carabine, becoming her best friends. William, Michael and Fredrick were their "gang rivals" at first, but ended up being so close with eachother to actually purchase and share a two-story apartment block building alltogether (afterall, the expenses and bills are much more bearable when you're in a group of almost ten people at home!).
She now lives with the gang in the same building, but she's not very far from her hometown so she often goes visiting relatives: she is the youngest child her parents, Vanilla and Frost, have had; her older siblings are Fondente, the brother who works with mom and dad at the farm, and Peppermint, the sister who has studied economy and law at Cuna De Rios' university, and is therefore seen more often with the gang since she owns an apartment in town.
Candy has a passion for eastern modern culture and arts and she studies Chinese and Japanese literature at the Cuna De Rios' university. She works as a clerk in a Pastry/Ice Cream shop called "The Sweet Curl" to pay her part of the rent and her studies, but in the weekend, she is a famous rave party PR.

Qualities: Optimistic, bouncy, extrovert, a good dancer and sense of fashion, likes to bring joy and colour to everyone.
Flaws: Domineering, superficial, gossipy, silly, psychological bully to whoever isn't of her taste.
Music genres associated: 90's Eurodance, Bubblegum Pop, J-Pop.
Likes: Vivid colours and lights, fashion clothing/make up/hairstyling, sunny and warm days, sweets and candies, baby animals, musicals.
Dislikes: Cloudy days obscuring the sun, pitch-black dark, grey clothes, complete silence, people who have no sense of style at all.
Main interactions with other characters: She's able to befriend with anyone who meets, and along with Valy and Carabine as best friends, she is also seen often many other people, either boys or girls. Fredrick is her boyfriend, being in an almost open relashionship with him, although she's really faithful and doesn't look for anyone else too much. Joypad and Acid are both close friends to her, as they all share her love for bright colours, and like to go to rave parties together. One of her closest relatives is Peppermint; the rest of her familar nucleus is composed by the older brother Fondente and her parents, Vanilla (mother) and Frost (father). She tries to avoid Valery and her violent behavior like Valy suggested her, but she'd love to know the "weird wolf" better and maybe befriend her.


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