Michael Levine

Mike's Model Sheet


Name: Michael Levine (called Mike by his friends).
Species: Lion (Panthera Leo)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: May 14th, 1988
Height: 1.90 m (6.23 ft)

Physical appeareance: A tall, big and muscular lion, with very short and smooth plain-coloured tan fur all over the body which shows no markings, nor scars or tattoos. Blonde and light medium lenght hair, darker and shorter at the base, always kept upright with hair gel. He has deep blue eyes and a short, strong-looking muzzle with a big lower jaw, prominent chin and round cheeks, lined by his bushy sideburns. Has broad shoulders and brawny arms, showing hours of bodybuilding and excercises. His long, flexible and thin tail ends with a tuft of the same colour of his hair. His skin tone is almost orange-like. He has a plantigrade posture, and his hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
Very fond of the biker fashion and lifestyle, he's almost always wearing leather jackets, both sleveless or short-sleeved in summer and warm, double-breasted or fleeced in winter. Under the jacket, he's very often in a sleeveless tank top, but if the weather's nice enough he'll go around shirtless to show off his muscles. Clothing colours may vary from leather/earth tones to blue hues, either gaudy and flashy (within reason!) or desautrated. One of the most prominent features of his outfits are the wide variety of enamel pins and badges used to decorate jackets, belts, jeans and even boots, all coming from his wide collection! Gladly wears neck chains or neckerchiefs especially if he's shirtless, and he's often seen with white fighting bandages around his hands and forearms. His belts are wide and sturdy with big and garish buckles. Usually fond of jeans, he can wear either plain or ripped ones and doesn't mind if they're baggy or skinny. Combat boots are his default footwear.

Psychological profile: Michael appears to be very calm and impassive, able to keep his cool and showing no surprise or nervousness during critical situations. Despite this, he's a warm and kind-hearted guy and he often strikes as generous, helpful and understanding. This perfect psychological balance was achieved with many years of mental and physical training, as during his younger years, Michael was actually a very nervous, emotionally-unstable kid! Likes to hang out in peaceful enviroinments full of friendly people, and he can't stand people who bicker too much. He likes to affectionately tease short and scrawny buddies (especially William), without going too far. He's very patient and intelligent, but takes care of his body so much to the point he has become narcissistic and a bit of a showoff.

Short bio: Michael was born in Montreal when his parents were about to divorce; he moved with his dad to Cuna De Rios during his very early years, but things didn't go well with his stepmom, either! The frequent and violent quarrels of the two scared Michael to the point of having panic attacks, thus making him a fragile and sensitive cub. As he couldn't stand seeing his parents at that point, he had passed most of the daily life with his friend William (met during kindergarten), almost becoming a member of the family and appreciating the love and warmth of William's parents. From this point on, he pretty much had the same life as William with similar interests pertaining music; however, Michael also develops a love for reading and bodybuilding: convinced that he's alone in this world (without a biological, functional family) he decides to grow stronger, mentally and physically; his strong body and vaste culture of nowadays show his successful results.
While befriending William at a very early age, he didn't met his second best friend, Fredrick, until his high scool years, soon forming a garage band with them and developing a sort of rivarly between Valy, Carabine and Candy at first, then a huge and close friendship, so much so to agree in purchasing a two-story apartment block building in Cuna De Rios' middle district in order to live all together. He works at a big music store in Cuna De Rios' modern district as a technician and a music/recording engineer; when he's not in his workshop, he can be found at William's studio working as a sound engineer for their recordings, and as a bassist playing along with the grey Cat.

Qualities: Physically and mentally strong, patient, kind and unselfish, musically talented.
Flaws: Self-loving, swaggerer, had a troubled childhood.
Music genres associated: Hard Rock, Blues Rock.
Likes: His body, boxing, reading (especially newspapers and recent history books), bodybuilding, peaceful places and outdoors, metal/enamel badges, grey, all shades of blue, ice and snow, snowball fights.
Dislikes: People who bicker or scream too much, having too much rules and laws to follow, not having free time.
Main interactions with other characters: Very close to William and Fredrick, but especially to William who is now like a brother for him (even though all the teases). Loves to spend time with Carabine, his girlfriend, usually having long walks, doing sports or discussing about books together (he's one of the few guys who's able to keep up with her verbose dialogues!). He's often with Jay, trying to teach the cheetah how to overcome his awkwardness, and Gregory, whenever this one has problems with his motorbike (though Michael isn't exactly a mechanic, he does know a bit about machinery). Generally doesn't disdain the company of anyone, except James, most probably, but he prefers avoiding the Lynx rather than obviously confront and fight him. When meeting new people, his height and bodyshape usually scares shorter people, but he's like a gentle giant overall.


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