Joypad Multimedial

Paddy's Model Sheet


Name: Joypad Multimedial; uses the nicknames JP or Enjoy while online, and her boyfriend calls her Paddy.
Species: Mouse/Leopard Anthroid (Mus Pardus Cybernetical)
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: May 24th, 1992
Height: 1.50 m (4.92 ft)

Physical appeareance: Joypad is an anthroid: an organic/robotic hybrid being with features borrowed from both mouse and leopard species. Overall, she is very short, but makes up for it with a lithe and armonious body. Her pearly fur is generally very short, almost peach-like to the touch, and tends to be longer only on cheeks, the first tuft of which is always curved upwards. She has medium-long blue hair, usually kept in a ponytail; hair in the ponytail feels soft and silky, while her front bangs (two of which are long and go over the sides of her heads, while the smaller ones cover her forehead with a straight, zigzag-like fringe) are more rigid, as if they were styled with a lot of gel. From the side of her head and below the ears, two pairs of long, plastic-like cyan antennae can be seen dangling down her shoulders, one for each side, these usually help her connect with Wifi and Bluetooth devices. Her muzzle is short and round with a feline nose, and both incisives and canines are clearly visible even with a closed mouth. Joypad has round, mouselike ears with parabolic microphones inside, and green eyes with lime "power sign" neons on the iris, which are HD cameras. Throughout her body, circular neon pink markings can be seen; these are present on ears, cheeks, arms (5 interlinked rings from shoulder to wrist), belly (one single "power sign" marking around the bellybutton), back (5 interlinked rings from shoulders to tailbase), legs (5 interlinked rings from hip to ankle), fingertips and toetips. Her long and thin tail, instead, is decorated with rings of cyan neons and terminates with a USB port. She has a plantigrade posture, doesn't have any kind of pawpads or claws, and has four fingers and three toes.
While her clothing may look simple, they look outstanding on a technological point of view: they're all made with a special kind of cyberfiber resulting in soft, light and cozy wearable screens that act just like fabric. Not only they can change colour and display different patterns and animations, but can also shift size and shape by using the green neon buttons on the side or at the bottom. Her usual attire consists of a sleeveless tanktop and shortshorts, occasionally adorned with silky veils and scarves. As for accessories, while she doesn't like any kind of necklace or bracelets, she never forgets her metallic gloves that play mini CDs and often has her googles (either around the neck or worn over her eyes), which help her navigate the net. Her belts are also simple, but very variable on the style, and never goes barefoot; Joypad's default footwear are oversized boots, worn with loose socks or legwarmers.
She mainly feeds on memory bites and electricity, but can also assimilate actual foods by turning them into data with special devices.

Psychological profile: Joypad is programmed to be kind, cheerful and overall friendly and peaceful, but she also has a self conscience, so she can think and decide things by herself like a normal biological being. She loves her job, mostly because she likes being useful for others and seeing happy faces around her. She's a hard worker, hardly ever tired, and yet she enjoys moments of relaxations like a cozy afternoon indoors. She's very smart and is programmed to fluently speak seven languages, along with the Leetspeak that she learned during her usual wanderings into the cyberspace. Joypad is also a curious being, willing to make new experiences into the real world and therefore very eager to spend time outside with friends. Although she can easily learn everything, she can't uderstand things and situations that are too abstract and can tilt if she tries to understand them; Joypad's much more of a material-thinking kind of girl. She can get pouty and fussy if something isn't as her liking. She's afraid of magnets, blackouts and memory and data loss.

Short bio: Joypad has been created by the computer company MuzzleSoft. At the beginning, she was just a simple AI program gifted with self conscience that helped users to keep files tidy, clean up computers from corrupted files or viruses and play multimedial files. She's always been kind, curious and lovable and at her 16th birthday, she has been gifted with a real life anthroid body, acquiring material existance in the real world. She soon decided to experience a life of her own just like a normal being, but without giving up on the occasion to help people, especially when it comes to IT troubles. Nowadays, she lives in Cuna De Rios and owns a computer assistance shop, Bits'N'Voxels, which happens to be not far from Candy's ice cream shop.
During her early years she has encountered Program's virtual form many times while netsurfing; at first, the two acted as natural enemies (with Joypad being basically an antivirus and Program being a hacker) but then developed friendship and love for eachother. Program has met her in real life later, deciding to live together.

Qualities: Kind, helpful, organized, resourceful, great with IT, calm and collected.
Flaws: May tilt if something confuses her too much, magnets and blackouts make her weak and exausted, will get pouty and sad if something is too abstract for her to understand.
Music genres associated: Spacesynth, Vaporwave, Chill-out Trance.
Likes: Surfing the net, computer puzzle games, colorful and lighthearted new generation games, tidyness, cleanness, feeling useful, helping people, cartoons and drawings rendered in computer graphics, Tamagotchis and other virtual pets.
Dislikes: Blackouts and magnets, chaos, corrupted files, computer viruses, not having the right programs at the right time.
Main interactions with other characters: Program is the first creature that Joypad has met through her usual cybertravels; they were rivals at first, but then they ended up knowing eachother better and becoming friends (even lovers) at last. Even though Joypad is still annoyed by some of Program's bad habits and tries to make him a better person, she usually acts caringly as she has a huge crush on him. The two cyborgs live and work together. Joypad is fairly close to Valy, who (among many other members of the gang) is an usual customer of her shop seen how often her other electronic gadgets crash (most times because of Program!). Other close friends are Acid and Candy (all of them are very fascinated by lightshows), Glitch (Program's pet robot dog), Checkdisk (JP's pet hermit crab) and Jamaila, who often takes her to the beach to explore and learn more about nature.


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