Program Livingvirus

Proggy's Model Sheet


Name: Program LivingVirus; uses the nickname Bastard_Virus while online; he's affectionately called Proggy by Joypad.
Species: Rat/Tiger Anthroid (Rattus Tigris Cybernetical)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: April 9th, 1991
Height: 1.80 m (5.90 ft)

Physical appeareance: Program is an anthroid: an organic/robotic hybrid being with features borrowed from both rat and tiger species. Overall, he is taller and stronger-looking than Joypad, with a masculine and slightly pudgy body. His fur is also longer than Joypad's, particularly soft on cheeks, chest, and elbows; it is of a very pale mint green colour, showing a cyan neon striped pattern on cheeks (one stripe under each eye), arms (stripes from shoulders to elbow), back and legs (stripes from hip to knee, which also sport four circular shapes each leg). In some parts of his body (namely the forearms and forelegs), these neons form a circuitboard-like pattern, and on the chest, they're shaped like D-Pads. He has medium-lenght, silky, wavy and messy purple hair shaped in a very standard cut, with the front bangs being divided in three main tufts; center and sides. On top of his head, 6 plastic-like violet antennae, displayed in two rows of 3, can be seen sprouting upwards; these usually help him connect with Wifi and Bluetooth devices. His muzzle is short but round and soft with big cheeks, with a roundish nose, and with a set of teeth that sports both feline and rodentine features: therefore, incisives and canines are both very visible even with a closed mouth. Program has round, mouselike metal ears decorated with a line of green neon, and red eyes with cyan "power sign" neons on the iris, which are HD cameras. The fur on his body ends abruptly where hands and feet are attached; these last ones have a metallic texture and feeling, with violet palms/plants and aluminium fingers/toes. The fur is also absent on part of his forearms, where two touchscreens (one each arm) are located; these show his installed programs and are interactive, allowing him to control and hack whatever he's linked to. His long and thin metallic grey tail, which is decorated with a line of green neon, terminates with an audio jack tailtip. He has a plantigrade posture, doesn't have any kind of pawpads or claws, and has four fingers and three toes.
His clothing is rather simple and his default outfit is very similar to that of a prisoner or a convict: it's a bright orange jumpsuit consisting of long-sleeved jacket and pants, with a red shirt underneath, and studded restraining cuffs located on neck (worn as a collar), end of the sleeves, and end of the pants' legs. While these cuffs are now only decorative, they were once used to keep him in place when "not employed"; colours of the cuffs may vary from violet to blue, turquoise and green. The outfit's jacket can be short-sleeved, change colour from various hues of red and yellow, or not be worn at all during summer; shirts under it are either tees or tank tops, still either in red, orange or yellow: decorations are rare, but may sometimes sport striped patterns or pixel designs. The outfit's pants follow the jacket's style according to the occasion, and can be short during summer. Ultimately, his jumpsuit his decorated with a barcode on the back, two D-Pad buttons on his chest (referencing his chest markings) and four round buttons down his legs (referencing his round leg markings). He may also wear studded bracelets on wrists, where his fur ends, so his metallic hands would look more like gloves. He never goes barefoot; studded heavy boots are his default footwear. He mainly feeds on corrupted files and broken pieces of hardware, namely CDs, VHS tapes and cartridges. He could also assimilate actual foods by turning them into data with special devices, but to him, corrupted software is much tastier.

Psychological profile: Program's attitude can be easily described as that of a spoled prick. He's selfish, opportunistic and hot-headed, often out to make pranks or other mischievous acts in order to make people end up with corrupted software so he can have something to eat (he also takes pleasure in seeing people angry or distraught in front of their malfuncioning computers or videogames!). He's very greedy, gluttonous, vain, and talks with a constant challenging, mocking tone. Joypad is really the only person that changes him; in her presence, he can be seen as clumsy, blushy, docile or even protective towards the fellow cyborg (but still acting like a spoiled kid sometimes, like rejecting JP's offers to help when he's damaged, in order to appear tough or resilient). He does have a few fears though, like magnets and power surges, that weaken him.

Short bio: Program has been created by a gang of hackers called MetalDRGN, in Florida. He was created as a self-conscious application with the power to corrupt and destroy software of any kind. At 18 years old he was "gifted" with a physical, anthroid body, and became a real life memeber of the gang. During his cybernetical travels he meets Joypad, his rival at first, but then he secretely develops a deep friendship with her, ending up falling in love with eachother. When Program discovers that MetalDragon's plan is to use him to hack a famous bank and then kill him, he destroys the secret base of the gang and escapes to Cuna De Rios, Joypad's hometown, in order to ask her fellow cyborg to shelter him. Now, he lives with Joypad at Cuna De Rios and works with her as key generator or a cracker at her computer assistance shop, Bits'n'Voxels. If it weren't for Joypad, Program would be dead now! He still has his hacker attitude though, and likes to corrupt computers and videogames around town (much to Joypad's annoyance).

Qualities: Physically strong, cunning, tech-savvy, can be cuddly and kind (only with Joypad, Checkdisk and Glitch though!), a good driver and a funny guy, despite everything.
Flaws: Gluttonous, selfish, naughty, is often out annoying people, hot-headed, vain, spoiled, has a mocking attitude.
Music genres associated: Chiptune, J-Euro.
Likes: Netsurfing, 80s arcade games (especially shooters and racing), all robotic animals and animatronic creations in general, bugging easily scared people, nightmares, horror movies, pixel graphics, illegal street racing, food (or, well, his kind of food!).
Dislikes: Nosey people, blu-rays, getting wet and soggy, magnets.
Main interactions with other characters: Obviously his most important relationship is with Joypad, her dearest friend/girlfriend, to whom he's usually kind and friendly but also spoiled, as it's his nature afterall. In any case, he's always ready to protect her. Other friends are Jay, James, Acid and Fredrick. Valy, Gloria, Carabine and William are often "victims" of Program's corruptions and game infections, yet Valy has developed a sort of friendship with him and they can be seen playfully challenging eachother. He has a pet robot dog named Glitch, to whom he's very cuddly, and knows how to take care of Checkdisk when Joypad's too busy.


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