Gloria Galvan

Gloria's Model Sheet


Name: Gloria Galvan, but considering she often changes workplace and acquaitances, only her closest buddies know her real name! Most people just forget about her and only remember her appeareance, thus leading her to adopt the nickname Whatsername (or WHN for short) as her standard one.
Species: Stray Dog (Canis Lupus Familiaris)
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: July 10th, 1990
Height: 1.73 m (5.6 ft)
Physical appeareance: She doesn't appear to be similar to a specific Dog breed, as she's a stray mutt and probably a mixture of various breeds. Average height, but thick, feminine and curvy, Gloria sports a strange coloured, dense grey fur that has peculiar "tear-shaped" and curvy red markings on knees, elbows, tail and under eyes, making her fur look bloody and messy. Her hair is similar, being black, wavy, thick and long but with red bangs shagging over her eyes. She has black eyes with red borders that are usually circled by black eyeliner and heavy mascara to enhance her eyelashes. Her ears are long and tend to bow down, especially due to the earrings' weight. She has a pair of newschool "wings" tattoos on her shoulders, and a pink, round piercing on the tongue. Finally, her tail is very big, soft and poofy, ending with a very curly and thin tip. She has a plantigrade posture, and her hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
As for clothing, Gloria likes to wear emo and scene fashion outfits, sporting shirts, tops, shrugs and hoodies with skulls, hearts and "horror-cute" designs. Though generally tomboy-ish with her everyday clothes, she does like to wear more feminine-looking gothic lolita outfits during some occasions, consisting of corsets, tulle miniskirts, lace decorations, ribbons and various frills, or even fishnet tops. She also likes various kinds of bracelets, armbands, belts, rings, legwarmers, earrings and wristwarmers if the style and colours are matching her preferences; she crafts handmade jewerly as a hobby, so most of these accessories are surely made by her! Though generally preferring shorts and trousers, she doesn't mind skirts, as long as they're short and most preferably worn over leggings (or short leggings). Her favourite colours to wear are black, pink, lillac, magentas, and all kinds of cool violets and warm purples. She never forgets her ruby broken heart choker that wears since she was a child and her handmade, cartoony skull earring on the left ear, which seems to inexplicably change expression to match Gloria's mood. When out lollygagging with the rest of The Idiots, she often wears fishnet long gloves that are attached to the fingers with pink brass knuckles.

Psychological profile: Gloria is a deep, creative and sweet girl, being really attached to her memories and mementos and she can sometimes act like a caring and devoted "nurse" if her lover Jay, her best friend Tunleah or his childhood buddy James are afflicted by a problem. However, as the streetlife taught her that only the strongest and coldest people survive, she pushes herself to be turbulent, cold-hearted, cynical, sarcastic and overall selfish, with nice results as she can appear hostile, short tempered and angry-looking at first sight, especially with goons that she really doesn't want to show her true nature to. As she doesn't know exactly her origins, she feels empty compared to the other people and envies them. She's slightly pessimistic, closed, and is not very keen on talking about her past with other people; may be a crybaby at times, especially regarding such delicate topics (or while remembering past bickerings with other gangs and ex-friends, which she very often starts herself because of her delicate attitude).

Short bio: Gloria is born in Chihuahua, Mexico from unknown parents and lives her childhood in an orphan asylum, recieving her name and surname from the nurses that took care of her there. Gloria nowadays denies the name people gave her and hates the orphan asylum, accusing them to give her an identity that is not truly hers and prefers to be called with her current pseudonym, Whatsername or WHN. Decides to run away from town at 16 years old and breaks into american territory with a stolen car. While looking for her parents in one of her journeys, she meets James and Tunleah (thus forming The Idiots gang) and later, once they get to Cuna De Rios, she meets Jay with whom she will fall in love. She now lives with the Idiots in Cuna De Rios, in the same two-story apartment block as Valy and the rest. Gloria is usually seen working as a shop assistant, clerk or a waitress but changes workplace and coworkers very often, so a lot of people know her appeareance (how can you forget a dog with seemingly bloody fur?) but not her name. She's never unemployed, however, and she's almost the only one who's actually helping paying the rent of the building among the Idiots.

Qualities: Knows very well how to take care of herself and others, streetsmart, creative and deep, supportive.
Flaws: Often starts up arguments and quarrels, easily on the verge of tears and quick to angrily snap at people, selfish and cynical with new people she doesn't consider "worthy" of meeting her true face, doesn't accept her past.
Music genres associated: Emo, Acoustic Pop, Gothic Rock.
Likes: Modelling jewerly, sewing, cosplay, poetry, emo and gothic literature, "horror-cute" fashion, modern horror mangas, cherry or raspberry lollipops, portrait photography, the colours black, pink and violet, owls, bats and badgers.
Dislikes: Long dresses, noisy kids, oppressive heat, damp weather, a lot of people she had arguments and fights with.
Main interactions with other characters: Ironically, she's very known in town because she's pretty much seen everywhere with her constantly changing job, but very few knows her true name or origins. Jay is her boyfirend, but also her closest friend: he understands how she feels and therefore the reason she behaves this way; though in love, the two are often seen undergoing misunderstandings due to the cheetah's awkwardness and her own short temper. Tunleah is another close friend that "adopted" her as a little sister, and she respects James as a gang boss. She also likes to hang out, shop and talk about work with Candy (since she's a clerk too) and she's friendly with Carabine, which has lended her many gothic literature books. Mainly friendly with the rest of the gang, but doesn't go too far with bonding.


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