Tunleah Thompson

Tunny's Model Sheet


Name: Tunleah Thompson, but many people refer to him as Tunny.
Species: Koala (Phascolarctos Cinereus)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: March 12th, 1989
Height: 1.66 m (5.44 ft)
Physical appeareance: Not very big, muscular or heavy: by the small, androgynous and slim figure of this koala you wouldn't tell he's actually a stuntman. He sports light grey fur with sky blue highlights on his ears, cheeks, lower chest and belly. He has medium lenght straight black hair arranged in a scaled bowlcut, starting short at the back of the neck then proceeding getting longer until the front tufts, which fade to violet and pink, cover the lenght of his entire head. On the forehead, he has a big upright center tuft, shagging over his eyes. The long hair and feminine body, accentuated by his metrosexual mannerisms, often lead people to mistake him for a tomboy-ish girl. He has a plantigrade posture, and his hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
He has wide long-haired ears full of piercings (which are all made of gold and coloured glass: on the right ear there's an industrial with a pearl and two rings, while on the right he has a single ring, a crooked nail and a small chain pendant with a crystal. This last piercing was crafted by Gloria, and he always wears it), and a flattened muzzle with a crearly visible, big black nose, typical of Koalas. He has a short puffy tail, very rabbit-like. Finally, Tunleah has James' right arm stiched to his body instead of his own, due to an old accident that has lead the guys swap their arms. Unlike James, he's not afraid to show his "new" arm; instead, he thinks it's a nice original detail to be easily recognized and remembered. If you ask him how they got into this accident, he'll always wind up a different story everytime! He has a black, very discreet tattoo of a stylized arrow on the right upper arm.
Tunleah is generally very casual and streetsmart with his clothing, but he'll never fail to appear as easily recognizable in a crowd due to his tacky tastes: he wears gaudy colours (his favourites are blue, violet and acid green, but every colour will suit him very nicely) and never skips the occasion of launching bizarre trends by matching weird clothing choices together... like the pair of jorts and denim legwarmers he very often sports. He prefers tank & crop tops in summer, and windbreakers in winter; his shirts are often decorated with starry patterns, witty quotes or movie references. He's very often seen with shutter shades and wrist/armwarmers in varous colours/patterns, and will gladly wear collars with pendants and many rings on his fingers. When he's not wearing short pants, he likes large and roomy cargo trousers with many pockets. Never goes barefoot, and is often seen with long and short necked sneakers.

Psychological profile: Tunleah is an optimist, outgoing and friendly guy, always willing to talk and socialize with new people, due to him being very open-minded. He can get upset or uncomfortable if he fails in his intent of being under the spotlight; for this reason, Tunleah has always worked hard to be easily recognizable and well known among everyone, and his colorful appeareance can tell. He's proud, confident, determined and has a lot of self-esteem, needed for his job. Can be funny and sly, but reckless and impulsive, too.

Short bio: Born in Laguna Beach from a young couple of free-minded hipsters (father is australian, mother is spanish) a few months after his sister, the family was very used to often change their hometown here and there, always visiting different places of the States or overseas; installing themselves in San Bernardino at a certain point, Tunleah lived his early adolescence years there. Tunleah is the only member of the Idiots whose childhood was almost normal and certainly happy; his parents were so libertine and permissive with their children that Tunleah and his sister got away with many pranks and troubles. Although they were a bit spoiled and raised irresponsibly, they did grow up free and indipendent, with a love for the great outdoors and exploring. Eventually while in San Bernardino, Tunleah befriends and starts hanging out with James, acknowledging his charisma and troubled situation at home (the "arm accident" happened during these years) and starts a street urchins band with him.
When James decides to run away from San Bernardino, Tunleah happily decides to come along in order to follow his dreams of becoming a famous actor. Nowadays, he theorically lives with the Idiots at Cuna De Rios, but actually he's always on the road around the States with his trusty van, looking for an hiring in movie studios. His parents and sister travel a lot too and they often meet to share roadtrips, spend vacations together, or go seeing their son at some scene shooting. So far, he has been acting scenes and stunts in commercials and underground/indipendent movies, and as a second income, he writes an online blog which chronicles his travels. He's not nationally famous and he isn't very rich, but he has his fanbase and he's very proud of it. Thanks to his job, he's the richest member of the Idiots and helps both their friends with the rent and William's indipendent record company, advertising it during tours and meetings.

Qualities: Open-minded, determined, proud, agile and athletic, very sociable, a real party dude!
Flaws: Often mistaken for a girl, impulsive, reckless, a bit spoiled, egocentric, melodramatic.
Music genres associated: 80's HI-NRG, Space Disco, Italo Disco.
Likes: Acting, stunting, parkour, skateboarding, surfing, bowling, cinema, loud music, travelling (especially by car/van), the colours lime green, gold, violet and sky blue, skate parks, sushi, platypuses, wallabies, porcupines.
Dislikes: Being ill, injuried or unable to move for whatever reason, soups and legumes, being unnoticed.
Main interactions with other characters: James is his childhood friend and a very close person to him; afterall, he has his right arm. Gloria is another very close friend of his, to the point of considering her as his little sister. He's also huge friends with Fredrick as they both share a similar silly and daredevilish behaviour, and the love for "Jackass-style" deeds and stunts. He also often goes skateboarding with Jay and the gang or with Juanito, and surfing with Carabine, Caffeine and Jamaila. His friendly attitute leads him not to have particular enemies (except for some fellow actors/stuntmen that might put him in the shadows) and he's got a very good relationship with his sister and parents. He's constantly "between relationships" and prefers short adventures instead of a trusty, durable love story; he probably likes boys just as much as girls, too.


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