Jamaila Turon Juana Bolivias

Jami's Model Sheet


Name: Jamaila Turo'n Juana Bolivias; of these, only "Bolivias" is her surname. She's called Jami by her family and Jam by her friends.
Species: Striped Skunk (Mephitis Mephitis)
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: July 18th, 1989
Height: 1,75 m (5.74 ft)

Physical appeareance: Jami is a skunk of average height and build, sporting an harmonious and feminine body that is averagely athletic but also very soft. Her thick fur is mainly black coloured, but some parts of her body have peculiar stripe-like white markings; these can be seen on her upper muzzle, forehead, ears, chest (except breasts) and belly, underside arms (from armpits to elbows), sole of feet, back (in the shape of an X), under and over her tail (the latter marking looks like a marijuana leaf). Her hair is medium/long and kept in dreadlocks, decorated with green, yellow and red beads: she likes to style her hair differently, from loose to various ponytails, or wear hats and flower crowns from time to time. On her short, blocky and round muzzle, her particular green eyes can be seen: their irises are light green and fade to yellow as they get near to the pupil, looking like kiwi slices. Her tail is very thick, fluffy and as long as her legs; although it's almost always kept raised and off the ground. She has a plantigrade posture, and her hands and feet don't show any pawpads or animalistic claws.
Being a very summer-loving person, Jamaila almost always wears clothings that are suitable for days to the beach: she can often be seen with bathing suits (either one piece or two piece) covered by tank tops, loose shirts, light and flowy dresses, jean shorts, and wraparound skirts of any lenght; colours chosen for her outfits are earthy tones, gold, yellow, all shades of green, and warm magentas. In winter, she can be seen with ponchos and scarves (scarves are also used instead of regular belts to keep shorts on!). Jamaila also likes to wear several accessories, including sunglasses, beanie or straw hats, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and beaded ankle decorations; these accessories are generally in leather, rubber, wood, stone or seashells; however, she has a set of three rubber bracelets (in green, yellow and red) for each wrist and ankle: she never goes out without them! Her default footwear are sandals or beach flip-flops. She smokes very occasionally, and only when in company of other smokers.

Psychological profile: A very laid-back, sunny person who likes to feel relaxed and live her life without worries: Jamaila is optimistic, friendly, warm, kind and fun-loving without being hyperactive or noisy like Candy. She is instead calm, tender, and gentle, and actually rather sensitive: as a matter of fact, she doesn't like tense situation or seeing people prone to beat eachother up, preferring dialogue over physical confrontations. She's rather popular among the rest of the gang as she's basically able to befriend everyone, without getting too clingy or nosey. She is also afraid of storms and tsunamis, seen as pure destructive force.

Short bio: Jamaila was born in Rio Grande, in Puerto Rico, from a stable family of tobacco vendors; although spending most of her childhood there, she moves to Cuna De Rios (where her maternal grandparents live) with her younger brother Juan Pedro to continue her high school studies and then attend Natural Sciences lessons at Cuna De Rios' university. While Juan Pedro still lives with the grandparents, Jamaila has moved out during her university years, and now works as a cashier at her grandparents' bazaar, the Skunkazaar (she'll most probably inherit the place one day!). She lives in an apartment situated in the attic of the bazaar's same building. Her home is wide, comfortable, well-lit, full of tropical plants and ethnic fourniture, with most of the ceiling made of glass; part of this house is also dedicated to a mini plantation area, where she grows different vegetables but also some cannabis plants (products are often used in cooking recipes, but some of her friends use it as a smoking good). Has a very good and afficionate relationship with all her family and her little brother.

Qualities: Easy to befriend, very laid-back, optimistic, tander, fun and relax-loving.
Flaws: Avoids any kind of tense confrontation, afraid of storms, kinda sensitive.
Music genres associated: Reggae, Samba.
Likes: Summer, the sea, the beach, building sand sculptures, swimming, surfing, gardening, cooking, marine wildlife, seashells, cloudwatching, bamboo furniture, dancing.
Dislikes: Hurricanes, strong winds, storms, thunders, fog, damp or freezing cold places, graveyards.
Main interactions with other characters: Outside her family, Jamaila is well known and loved by most of the gang for her friendly and laid back personality. Jay and James often go visit her for the smoking goods, and Michael, Valy, Amphetamine, Caffeine, Tunleah and Gloria like her friendly and lovable personality. Joypad and Carabine like to go along with her at the beach. Purple Haze is her boyfriend, and she's also often seen hanging out with the trio of galactic bunnies.


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