Amphetamine Jolt

Amphetamine's Model Sheet


Name: Amphetamine Jolt; called "Nero" by friends, coworkers and fighting adversaries.
Species: Flareon (Busuta), although not a purebred as his father is a Jolteon.
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: September 2nd, 1990
Height: 1,93 m (6.33 ft)

Physical appeareance: Nero is a slim, slick, androgynous male Flareon with an agile and flexible body built in order to excel in speed and accuracy. His solid, vivid coral coloured fur covers the entirety of his body, without additional markings nor scars. However, a thick and puffy golden fur collar sprouts from his neck, covering most of his torso, shoulders and back. His hair is platinum blonde, styled as an exaggerated pompadour and trails down the back of his head to the base of his neck, where it mingles with his fur collar. His ears are long, pointy, and with a clearly visible tragus at the base. His tail is also golden coloured, puffy and soft. Nero has a long, straight and narrow muzzle, with visible canines coming out of his mouth and a pair of hot pink coloured eyes. He has a semi-digitigrade posture, with four fingers and three toes. No pawpads are shown, but small claws can be seen on feet.
Amphetamine's fashion style is best described as that of a trasgressive, 80's glam rockstar; due to his massive neck fur, he doesn't really need to wear anything that covers his torso, but unlike his brother Caffeine, he gladly wears leather button-up jackets or tops, fishnets, and harnesses. His trousers are usually long, always skinny, and follow the same style and colour of his upper body outfit. Most of his clothes are in leather, and preferred colours are dark, earthy or warm. Accessories worn are either leather bracelets/forearms or golden or steel coiled decorations; clothes and bracelets are often adhorned by studs, spikes, or firestone fragments. He can also wear clip earrings, face/body glitter, firestone pendants, and occasionally glowsticks (warm colours only!). Nero usually walks barefoot, but can wear digitirade-friendly boots if required.

Psychological profile: Quite the opposite from his step-brother, Nero is a vain and egotistical guy who rarely cares about other people's opinion of him, and he's not afraid to play dirty or to cheat in a fight. However, he's also very cunning and intelligent, and gifted with a very elegant and graceful poise that makes him appear flamboyant and noble, yet also verbose and snobbish. Nevertheless, when it comes to having fun, he's really a guy you can count on to have a fiery party! He loves musicals, dancing with fire poi, riding his motorcycle and collecting posh furniture. As a matter of fact, his flat located at the penthouse of a Cuna De Rios' skyscraper is wide and masterfully furnished, able to host house parties and perfect for evenings alone or in intimate company.

Short bio: Amphetamine was born from a french Flareon woman, which is Caffeine's father's second wife. Like it happens for many siblings, Caffeine and Amphetamine have always shared a "friendly rivarly" kind of relationship, with Amphetamine percieveing the rivarly as useless, since he thinks himself to obviously be the best sibling. Kinda spoiled by his mother during childhood, he's grown with the idea of pursuing "alternate routes" and machavellian tricks in order to get to success. Past the childhood and adolescence years, this rivarly is now nothing more than a running joke between them, and an occasion to perform staged fights for surprising or entertaining audiences. Although being naturally prone to fights, his career is mostly centered on his passion for dancing performance and feng shui, being both a dance instructor and an interior decorator.

Qualities: Intelligent, sly, elegant, graceful, a good dancer, a lover of arts, good taste in house furnishings.
Flaws: Plays dirty in fights and isn't afraid of being a cheather, pompous and self-absorbed, snob and verbose.
Music genres associated: Saxwave, Retro Electro.
Likes: Dancing, musicals, fire poi, motorcycles, penthouse parties, wine-like liqueurs, sharp-dressed people, gambling.
Dislikes: Water-type poke'mon attacks, his brother's messiness, damp enviroinments, having his neck collar and hair ruffled up, people insulting his hairstyle.
Main interactions with other characters: Of course the "joke rivarly" relationship with his stepbrother Caffeine makes these two stick very close together, to the pont that Caffeine's friends also become Amphetamine's friends, and vice-versa. His love for gambling also means that he usually meets up at casinos with Gregory, and he can be seeing partying and raving with Jamaila, Candy, and most importantly Acid. He can also be seen riding his bike along with Michael, Gregory or the Idiots, and go to live shows with Tunleah. He keeps open or very short amorous relationships, and is often seen changing partner, or keeping more than one relationship at a time.


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