Alkaline Sparkrabbit

Alkaline's Model Sheet


Name: Alkaline SparkRabbit; her family calls her Alka.
Species: Galactic Rabbit (Oryctolagus Sideris)
Gender: Female
Date Of Birth: July 26th, 1990
Height: 1.93 m (6.33 ft)

Physical appeareance: Alkaline is a tall, quite muscular, healthy-looking and rather androgynus female Galactic Rabbit. Her most notable body features are the strong shoulders, legs, fluffy lapin-like footpaws and long flexible ears, swaying from side to side with each head movement and terminating in peculiar arrow shapes, which are firm and plastic-like to the touch (they're stiff cartilaginous ends on which the fur is rather short). Such appendages are actually common in her home planet, Tubelectric, where rabbits born with them are simply more resistant to electicity and static energy. Her violet/lillac fur is long, soft and fluffy, growing longer especially along forearms and on cheeks. She has shoulder-lenght, straight dark brown hair, flowy and unruly, whose front bangs are usually left shagging over her eyes (even though the bandana she always wears should keep them in pace!). The front bangs naturally fade to a light violet. Her muzzle is short, lapine-ike, with a small triangular nose and visible incisors even with a closed mouth. The greenish-cyan bright and expressive eyes are always encircled with black mascara, enhancing her eyelashes. For what it concerns markings, she has a bitemark on her right ear (a souvenir from one of her adventures) and a grey rabbit pawprint tattoo on her left arm. Her puffy, short and cotton-like tail is always kept upright and, like all galactic rabbits, she's used to walk barefoot and therefore has very strong, resistent footpaws, covered in long fur. She can be very strong and has good reflexes. She has a plantigrade posture, with no animalistic claws nor pawpads.
Following the everlasting trends of her home planet, Alkaline's fashion style is that of a stereotypical "90's kid", wearing T-shirts, baggy jeans, fingerless gloves and denim jackets. She's also very versatile for what it concerns her wardrobe, as she'll gladly wear any kind of colour or pattern as long as it reflects such decade. She can also be seen wearing overalls, bomber/jersey jackets, wristbands, dogtag necklaces, decorated belt buckles, long-sleeved shirts and much more, though always keeping a very tomboy-ish and androgynous appeareance. She doesn't have any body/facial piercings, and if she isn't wearing her favourite bandana on the head, it surely can be seen tied around her wrist. If she's out on an adventure and in a more forest-like/rural area, she can be seen in a uniform that resembles Link's one, from Legend of Zelda. For what it concers weaponry, Alkaline always brings two identical glass daggers, very light and sharp, but durable and hard to break. Their handle is adhorned with leather bandages wrapped around them.

Psychological profile: A very loyal rabbit, honest and impartial with a strong sense of justice, but still jovial and easygoing with a love for grotesque black humor. She's of course curious, dauntless towards enemies, adventurous and cunning, but also impulsive and rather aggressive or bossy when it comes to guide an expedition. Because of this, she prefers to either exploring all by herself or only with people that already know her personality and stand up to her, such as her sister Acid, her boyfriend Caffeine or the level-headed, strong-willed Carabine.
In any case, she's not entirely fearless, and infact has morbid phobias towards the lack of oxygen (being lost in outerspace, afraid of drowning and choking) and lack of gravity (floating away from a planet's atmosphere). Due to her appeareance she's also often mistaken for a long-haired guy by newcomers, to which she usually responds in an aggressive, insulted way. Despite her image, she's still somehow feminine in her choices and emotions.

Short bio: Born in a far suburb of Tubelectric City (capital of the planet Tubelectric), Alkaline has always shown a great sense of exploring and adventure, which has, most of the times, lead her into innocent mischief as a child and more turbulent troubles as a teen, such as having fights with reptilian people (who have left her a bitemark on her ear), getting involved in gang guerrillias and participating in several vigilante operations. During one of these missions, enemies have also retrieved Alkaline's DNA in attempt to create a perfect clone/nemesis of her; yet after such experiment, called Acid, turned againt her creators, Alkaline adopter her into her family. Kinda fed up with all the recurring danger of Tubelectric's capital city, her older brother Purple Haze located a nice suburb on Earth to escape to and live a quieter life. Fully adapting into the terrestrial lifestyle (which wasn't that different from their homeplanet anyway), the three siblings have moved in Cuna De Rios. Alkaline works as a gym coach and self defense instructor at the Buff UnderFur gym: however, she hasn't given up on exploring unknown lands, and sometimes departs on adventures, either alone or with her friends and family.

Qualities: Resilient, strong, agile, brave, loyal, daring.
Flaws: Impulsive, aggressive, will generally pick up a fight with any kind of enemy (even if bigger/stronger than her), very easily offended if you call her a guy, likes bad taste jokes, barophobia, fear of drowning or choking.
Music genres associated: Grunge, Post-Grunge, 90's Urban Hip Hop.
Likes: Exploring new worlds, lush nature, being faithful to her friends and family, any kind of guitar videogame (be it arcade or home console), spending evenings (and money!) at arcade parlors, comedic slasher movies and gore comics, glass and crystal toys and collectibles.
Dislikes: Dry and barren deserts/wastelands, violent sandstorms, deep water, asphixiation, monkeys, huge flying bugs.
Main interactions with other characters: Purple Haze and Acid are her sibilings, and the three are the only Galactic Rabbits known in Cuna De Rios. Caffeine is her boyfriend, met at the gym. They both share almost the same interests and Caffeine is often willing to help and journey with her. She often meets Michael and Carabine too, so she has grown very close to them. Shares similar music tastes as Valy and her gang, and her easygoing and loyal nature make her a great friend for everyone (even The Idiots)... unless you tell her she looks too much like a boy.


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