Chrysanthemum Longtongue

Chrysanthemum's Model Sheet


Name: Chrysanthemum LongTongue, affectionately called Chrys by everyone.
Species: Demonic Cat/Flower hybrid (Felis Compositae Diabolous)
Gender: Male
Date Of Birth: December 27th, year unknown
Height: 0.53 m (1.7 ft) when standing on hind paws.

Physical appeareance: Chrysanthemum is a feral creature, appearing to be a normal-sized domestic cat with blue fur and chrysanthemum petals growing on specific parts of his body. Although quadrupedal, he can be seen standing on his hind legs as well, and he has a prominent lower body. He looks soft, flexible and flabby, almost like he's made out of rubber, being able to stretch and twist at his will. His fur is thick and rather long, appearing short only on his spade-like tailtip and completely missing on his handpaws, the only part of his body on which his purple skin is visible; the blue fur turns lighter on ears, chest, belly and tailtip. Flower petals grow on head, spine, tail, around the neck and wrists, and inside ears, with the petal on top of his head being bigger and flopping forwards between his eyes; while the cyan petals growing along his spine are permanent, the yellow ones on neck, wrists and inside ears shed during spring. He can be seen without them throughout the warmest months of the year; they all regrow in autumn, with the ear petals regenerating quicker. On his short feline muzzle, many features can be seen: he has heterochromia iridum, with the right eye being violet and the left one yellow; he has yellow teeth, with the right canine being chipped and green; and finally he has a very long and heavy tongue, usually left lolling out of the mouth. His padless paws terminate with green rubbery claws which can be used as fingers: he has three on handpaws and two on feetpaws. The tail is very thick and heavy, especially at the base, and it's usually kept dragging on the floor; its tip is triangular and spade-like.
Chrysanthemum doesn't wear any kind of clothing, except for two studded collars: one around the neck and one around the tailtip. These collar may change in appeareance, though they always look studded, with warm colours, and rather large for his figure (yet they manage to never slip out).

Psychological profile: Chrysanthemum is a perfect indoors cat, being instintively habit-bound and nervous or shy around new things, enviroinments or people. He gets easily scared by loud noises and especially storms, and prefers to stay curled up on someone's lap or any kind of soft and cozy furniture. The only outdoors place where he likes to hang out is the garden, where he likes to chase butterflies. When faced with new toys or unknown objects that don't look dangerous, he has an habit of chewing or licking in order to inspect them. This may result rather annoying for Valy, especially when it comes to games, art supplies or other valuable things, and she constantly needs to keep an eye on him!
He is a very affictionate pet, enjoying cuddles from Valy and friends, and often trying to catch people's attention by meowing, pulling sleeves and hopping or standing on hind legs. He's an omnivore, and enjoys any kind of food, most of the times attempting to steal what's on the table. His pelt needs care and brushing in order to stay healthy and tidy, and he doesn't mind being cared for.

Short bio: Chrys was originally a minor ghoul tasked with causing general mayhem in graveyards and other spooky locations: his clumsy and nervous nature, however, resulted unfit for the job and got rejected from his world. While wandering as a bodyless soul, he encountered the body of a cat who had drowned in a rainstorm, and used it as a vessel to return to the mortal dimension. Chrysanthemum was then granted a new life, and his flower DNA got fused with the feline body. Valy had adopted him soon after, and he's been her domestic cat since moving into her current residence in Cuna De Rios.

Qualities: Perfect indoors cat, likes cuddles, is a good company.
Flaws: Shy and scaredy around new things, likes to lick and chew everything, tries to steal food.
Music genres associated: Nature Sounds, Binaural Beats.
Likes: Valy's company, playing with wool balls, biting and licking everything he finds, his kennel, playing with butterflies, cozy and dry places, getting his fur brushed.
Dislikes: Being pulled by his petals, loud noises, storms and rain, everything that scares him.
Main interactions with other characters: He's very affictionate to his owner, Valy, and pretty much everyone in the house, who treat him with care despite his flaws. His best feral friend is Rufus, Gregory's pet cat, and the two are often seen playing together.


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