Where In The Net Is Valyce Negative?

Where in the net
VN is not the only place where I'm active on the Internet! Feel free to check out these galleries: if you need to contact me, you can do so by sending a note/private message! Alternatively, you can send me an e-mail or an instant message by checking the Contacts section!
  • FurAffinity: Valery91Thunder. Commissions-only gallery where I conduct marketplace business: whenever I complete a commission for a customer, this is where it gets posted! No personal art uploaded. Very active site, checked daily.

  • Neocities: ValyceNegative. VN's splashpage, layout archive, award gallery and guestbook are hosted on NeoCities! As a side thingie, I also use that webspace to collect beautiful old sites still viewable on Wayback Machine, keep track of watched anime, and curate a playlist of 90s eurodance tracks. Sporadically checked.

  • Tumblr: BlastoiseMonster. A retrogaming themed Tumblr blog where I keep track of my Game Boy collection, post retrospectives and memories, and sometimes even a couple of links, music tracks or nostalgic commercials. Daily checked, updated sporadically, at times almost weekly!

  • Twitter: ValyceNegative. Sneak peeks of personal art & commissions and signal boost for new site uploadings. I also reblog random shenanigans! A literal relaxed place where I do what I want. Checked daily. Don't feel like using Twitter anymore? The same feed is mirrored in my Telegram Channel!

  • Weasyl: ValyceNegative. Exclusively for ref sheet commissions, making it easier for me, customers and other artists to relocate details for such characters. Sporadically checked: please do not contact me there for commission inquiries.
All social media accounts related to my Lost Without You comic project can be found in the appropriate section!

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