Tartan Heart Of Wool

Tartan's Model Sheet


Name: Tartan Heart O'Wool
Species: Roonny (Rabbit/Kangaroo Mix) Living Plushie
Gender: Male
Allegiances: Other unnamed living plushies/toys

Physical appeareance: He appears to be a cartoonish, 4,9 ft tall hybrid (half Rabbit and half Kangaroo), completely made up of soft cloth and faux fur. Has a semi-plantigrade stand, with his thick and powerful legs always in a rather curved position, and the bottom of his body generally larger than the rest of the torso. As he's living plushie, the onesies he's "wearing" is actually his skin, and his "hoodie" is a skin extension that can be worn exactly like a normal hood. The outer parts of his body are generally white, grey and black, but his internal organs are blue.
Inside his body, vital organs are protected by a thick layer of cotton and wool. The pouch on his belly has a zip and can be opened: Tartan usually uses it as a bag to bring various stuff, but never forgets to bring around his magic yarn and nails, which turn out to be useful for him and his friends whenever there's an injury. His fingers are made up of rubbery pins (the light blue head of the pins constitute his knuckles) that can be bent exactly like actual phalanxes, and their tips don't sting. His big, heavy and floppy tail can also be used as a "third leg", and it's powerful enough to support his whole body.

Psychological/Behavioural profile: Tartan is a cheerful, cuddly, amiable and very emotional creature who, for some people, might look childish and guillible at first sight. Treating everyone like a friend, he's always ready to help and take care of whatever toy or plush might need a hand with some repairing (or even emotional support); he's exactly the same even when confronted with "real" people, although confused by their "unplushed" status, and will generally try to gift clothes and accessories made up of his magic yarn. His affictionate nature makes him a perfect pet sitter as well!

Additional info: Originally designed to be a custom hoodie, Tartan quicly grew to be a full-fledged mascotte character, with his original concept studied for a series of children books. To be used only in pictures concerning his own setting; doesn't exist in the same universe as BTIT/Cuna De Rios.


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