Valyce Negative

Valyce's Model Sheet


Name: Valyce Negative
Species: Monster
Gender: Unknown
Height: 1.60 m (5,24 ft).

Premise: Valyce Negative is a "mutation" of Valy's original design. It is a seasonal, Halloween-only character form, meant to be considered an off-character joke that doesn't substitute Valy's main design, nor needs to conform to the rest of the characters and BTIT/Cuna De Rios universe's canons. However, if one of Valy's three mutations is present in a drawing, the other two or the original design will not appear alongside them.

Physical appeareance: Speculated to be an ancient tyrant brought back to life thanks to black magic rituals, this unearthly, androgynous monster likes to assume the form of a canine humanoid with a plantigrade stance. The dull colours and unkempt look of their fur clearly tell they've been through a lot. Several dark markings are visible on their face, body and tail, resembling dripping makeup. However, no scars nor tattoos can be seen. Their ears are particularly long and pointy, and their crooked muzzle shows a pair of long, vampiric canines. Their tired eyes glow of a sickly acid green colour, and are encircled by eyeshadows. Under the fur, their skin is grey, almost cadaveric. Has four fingers and three toes, with no pawpads visible.
Can be generally seen dressed up with "white/black tie" attire or anything equally elegant, and often wears long cloaks to hide themselves. Outfit colours can range from white and black to various shades of red and acid green; patterns can be striped, pinstriped or solid colour. Can be seen weilding knives, scissors, axes or foil swords, and they're able to create illusions or lucid dreams. Can also be drawn along with several pet snakes.

Psychological/Behavioural profile: Valyce is a subordinate from hell, tasked to make mortals sign contracts that will grant them fame and fortune at the cost of their souls. They're a suave, soft-spoken, charming and persuasive creature, morbid and dreadful at times, but still a gentlemonster at heart: also able to feel sorry or pityful for their "customers", they'll sometimes convince them not to sign up any contract. Because of this, they are often pestered by fellow imps and fiends, and hated by their superiors.


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