Commission DOs And DO NOTs

Please note this is only a list of the things I will and won't draw. Check at the dedicated sections if you're looking for my Terms Of Service or my Pricelist.

What I DO Draw
  • Anthro creatures of any kind ranging from inanimate objects, abstract concepts, forces and manifestations of nature, plants and animals;

  • Humanoids of any kind ranging from full, actual humans to humanoid/kemonomimi and alien forms;

  • All species of animals, hybrids, mixes, original species;

  • Monsters and fantastic creatures of any kind and pertaining to any lore either official or fanmade;

  • All anthropomorphic anatomical forms ranging from feral, digitigrade, plantigrade, toony, taur, multilimbed and abstract;

  • All genders, all sexualities;

  • All bodytypes be them tall, short, scrawny, curvy, androgynous, sterile, chubby, muscly, you name them! As long as it shows believable proportions;

  • Original characters and fan characters of any kind;

  • Fanart of canon characters appearing in media such as all kinds of animated or live-action products, comics, books, videogames, boardgames, etc.;

  • All canon styles appearing in media such as comics, videogames and animation unless otherwise specified in the lists below;

  • Any subject matter that is considered suitable in any kind of PG-13 and Teen rated media;

  • Cartoony gore and violence, death, use of tobacco and other recreational drugs, alcohol, swearing dialogues and gambling scenes;

  • Nude characters without genitalia showing.

What I MAY Draw
  • I draw Macro and Micro art IF the macro character isn't stomping other characters (Destroyed buildings = ok! Squished furs = no), the drawing doesn't include a paw closeup, or said macro avoids hyper proportions (Kaiju-like proportions = ok! Characters big as planets = no). The micro character in the picture, if any, won't be shown whilst being chewed, swallowed, stomped or humiliated in other similar manners. Chasing or hunting pictures are okay!

  • I draw Tranformation themes IF said transformation is from animal to other creature (species change, fusion, were/monster transformation, body horror), from animal to other entity (plant, object, abstract concept, force of nature), change of physical state (pietrification, iceification, glassification, rubberification, jellyfication, balloonification, plushification, foodification, candygorification any other material you can think of), partial or full implementation of mechanical features onto an organic body or viceversa (robotification, cyborgification, other mechanical implants, humanoidification of robots and similar), partial or full implementation of external organic features onto an organic body (fusion, mixup, cut and paste, biological experiment or operation, parasite infestation, effects from viruses or illnesses) body appeareance deformations (melting, dripping, squashing, pulling, twisting, bending, costume unzipping, stretching, shedding, erasing, limb detachment/duplication, anything else you can think of). I don't do human to animal transformations and progressions/series.

  • I draw Historical and Military uniforms IF solely for historical/documentary purposes and with all symbols deleted, changed or not shown.

What I DO NOT Draw
  • My own characters having any kind of interaction with yours UNLESS the customer is someone I know well, preferably real life friends, and I feel comfortable with the subject matter;

  • Erotic and pornographic content of any kind. I may also decline a commission if the context makes me uncomfortable;

  • The following fetishes: Vore (Soft and Hard), Weight Gain or other sexualized depictions of eating disorders, Inflation, Hyper body parts, Paw/Footism (this includes Tickling and Stomping), Watersports and Scat, Pregnancy, Cub Art, Diaperism, Bondage, Humilation of any kind;

  • Discriminatory content of any kind regarding race, sexuality, gender, political affiliation and religious beliefs. This also concerns characters portraying propaganda symbols of any kind;

  • The following canon styles: MLP:FiM.

Important Notices
  • I have the right to refuse any commission concept that I consider inappropriate or uncomfortable for whatever reason without being compelled to explain such reason;

  • I have the right to omit posting a commission in my own gallery without being compelled to explain why.

  • Don't hesistate to ask if you have doubts about certain obscure themes that even I don't know about, let me know and we'll discuss it! It may also end up I'd be okay drawing it.

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