Commission Terms Of Service

Are you interested in custom artwork? I'm always happy to partake in new projects! Here's my Terms Of Service detailing all my rules regarding commissions.
Please be sure to also check my pricelist, and my current queue list!

Terms Of Service
  • Commission queue's standard length is 10 slots: once they are all taken, business is temporarly closed until I complete the current batch of orders. I can reserve future slots for customers.

  • To order a commission, send me an email or private message with "Commission Inquiry" (or similar) as subject, and details within such as: type of commission chosen, written descriptions and/or reference pictures. Please, don't send me emails/notes without any subject! When every detail has been discussed/set, we'll proceed with the payment.

  • To contact me privately, you can do so over at FurAffinity, Twitter, Telegram, Discord at BunOfThunder, e-mail and even more. Check out my Contacts and Valyce Negative Webs sections.

  • Commissions are paid with PayPal and it is my only payment method. My address for PayPal is alkalinesparks -AT- hotmail -DOT- it. Prices are listed in US Dollars and all transactions MUST be sent as USD.

  • Payment must be sent fully in advance. Due to Paypal's policies, it is highly reccomended that I send an invoice to your address with the amount agreed upon. If you want to send tips or donations, PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENTS AS GIFTS: use instead the "Goods and Services" options. On a second note, DO NOT SEND any money if we haven't set any drawing details yet or if we haven't reached any agreement on the final quote.

  • I'm mainly an anthro artist: therefore, I draw anthropomorphic creatures of any species and anatomical form (from feral to biped to taur!), anthro plants, humanized objects, and any kind of monster and fantastic animal. However! I also draw humans, humanoids and aliens, kemonomimis, monsters, and canon styles of cartoons, comics, and videogames. Just ask away!

  • I work greatly with both visual and written references, and can work with total artistic freedom as well.

  • My drawings are always in PG-13/Teen rating: I DO draw cartoony gore and violence, use of tobacco, alcohol, swearing dialogues and gambling scenes. I DON'T draw erotica, pornography and most fetishes. Nude characters will be shown in a cartoony nude, with no genitalia showing. However, I do not object on recieving NSFW descriptions or example pictures if those are your only refs for the characters you wish to have drawn. For more informations about my dos and don'ts, please refer to the dedicated page.

  • I provide SKETCH AND FLAT WIPs for approval and eventual fixes in the following cases: Digital Icon, Telegram Stickers, Animations, Cellshaded Pictures, Digital Illustrations, Ref Sheets. Flat WIPs aren't provided for any of the Traditional Media options, although Sketch WIPs are still provided.

  • If you'd like to have the original of your Traditional Media commission, it must be stated before sending the payment. The starting shipping price is 10$ (subject to change depending on parcel weight and destination), and shipping is worldwide.

  • Commissioned pictures are always posted exclusively on my FurAffinity gallery except in cases of private commissions. You can also find all my reference sheet commissions on my Weasyl gallery. This site is for personal artworks only.

  • I keep the high resolutioned, normal resolutioned and other eventual sizes or variants of the completed commissions on my Dropbox folder for max 2 MONTHS after their deliever: PLEASE SAVE ALL FILES LINKED IN YOUR COMPLETED COMMISSION NOTE! I am not responsible for accidental file loss, especially high resolutioned versions, after said timeframe.

  • If you have any questions, just send me an email/private message with the subject "Commission Question".
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