Originals For Sale

Welcome to Valyce Negative's Originals shop!
To order a product, please send an e-mail or a private message to one of my sites with "Original Order" as the subject, and the title of the product + your Paypal address + your shipping address within. An invoice will be sent to your Paypal and after payment, item will be on your way!
Shipping fee is added to all prices listed below: 11$ for European countries and 17$ for extra-European countries (may vary depending on parcel's weight).
Items of your choice will be shipped in stuffed envelopes with their plastic transparent sleeve to assure integrity.

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Original Art
Following is a list of all original artworks up for sale: media used may range from coloured pastels to Copic markers or acrylics on supports of variable size and material (sturdy cardboard, wood, canvas). All of them are signed, and are unique! Once they're bought, they're out of stock. Price may vary depending on year and tools of production. Shipping is excluded from the following pricing unless otherwise specified.

Shipping is free if you order more than one original piece!
  • "The Fighter" 2014, Pastels/acrylics on thin cardboard, 36$ + shipping.
  • "Bride Of Frankentiger" 2015, Pastels/markers on thin cardboard, 31$ + shipping.
  • "Your Favourite Zombie" 2015, Pastels/glitter pens on thin cardboard, 36$ + shipping.
  • "Hanafuda" 2020, Markers/watercolours on sturdy cardboard, 31$ + shipping.
  • "Kintsugi" 2022, Watercolours/glitter pens on sturdy cardboard, 36$ + shipping.
  • "Dengeki!" 2015, Copics/acrylics on thin cardboard, 26$ + shipping.
  • "Neon Monster" 2019, Inks/markers on sturdy cardboard, 26$ + shipping.

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