What's New?

The Angry Sun From SMB3 --August 4th, 2023--

That's it, that's the update. 🌞
Me and Lock are back in Southern Italy, we'll stay here until the end of the month. It's been very hot, scalding even, but the northen part of the country where we live has been bashed by hail, strong winds and floods, so between the two I'm not really sure which to choose. Now we're doing better, I mean it's still summer and summers in the South are hot by default, but it's been more bearable these last few days.
While here, I managed to deliver all due commissions in the last week of July despite the heat making it very hard to stay at the comp, I'll be taking a break from them for the rest of the season.

I'm also very proud to announce all printables of Lost Without You are now updated and up to our new standards, which means that yes, english volumes 4 and 5 have gone to print! I can't wait to get back to the studio and find the new copies to add to the shop (and send to everyone who's been waiting for them)! I'm also so happy to leave this project behind because I passed something like four whole days on that hell that is InDesign and now I can forget it exists until it's time to send another comic to print.
If you want to take a peek at our updated work, you can check the preview PDFs in the comic's section which have also been remade. The 7 page prequel has been renovated too! Man this took a bit! But I'm very satisfied of the result.
I learned a lot from this "post-editing" experience and I'll surely take these lessons into account when working on next projects (also because I don't want to end up doing this tour-de-force once again).

Speaking of projects, from now on this summer will be 100% dedicated to my own stuff! I want to contribute to the site's gallery this month as well; I brought along the sketch of a rather promising digital illustration though I'm not very confident on the working setup I have here and especially its inking configuration, maybe that particular picture will have to wait till I get back home. However, I do have plenty of ideas for traditional media! I brought along the huge selection of Copic markers Lock has invested on earlier this year so I can update the looks of my Raikou piece (I regret using pencils for that and I hope it can be fixed) and continue with the rest of the monsters planned for this japanese-tattoo inspired series; they'll become a set of miniprints once completed.
I'll also resume my gyaru fashion artbook project (you know, if the heat doesn't melt my graphite) as I'll probably be able to bring it to the Cartoomics convention this year. My last solo artbook was in 2015, plenty of time to show something different on the table.

Anyway, there's still been a lot of activity onsite in these previous weeks. Here's a rundown!
  • The Other Digital gallery has seen a double update with two cellshaded pieces dedicated to 90s design trends, Neon Memphis and Global Village Coffeehouse. Will do more with the latter style for sure!
  • I added another drawing on toned paper in the Traditional media gallery but I don't feel it as good as the previous one; might have been a matter of composition and poses. But hey, I drew a grid in traditional media and I sketched on dark blue paper, which is as hard as it sounds. Experimenting! There's also two new Copic illustrations, both featuring my Helios interacting with my friends' tribal characters.
  • New Animation with sound! I'm getting good with these. This new one has been drawn directly with lineart without sketching any frame, so production was quicker but the result feels jussssst a tad rougher than my previous Malk scene. However I feel like the end result matches well with the scene chosen and I'm already on the hunt of new animatics for my charas x3
  • I added a new recieved fanart of Joypad done by Beatrice Zeo Bovo! Her rendition is so perfect!
This should be all for now. Bit of a reminder, I'm about to reach a few milestones with my drawn stickers (yes, again) and I want to celebrate one more time with another giveaway. So stay tuned everyone, have a great summer!

Back Home! --April 19th, 2023--

What, it's April already? How?
Well, as it is usual for me and Lock during this period, we'll be visiting and staying at my parents' place for the rest of the month- I'm writing this entry while on the train! We'll celebrate my birthday (also, VN will be two year old on the 26th!) have fun at the Comicon in Naples (though we didn't end up getting a booth there, bummer- but we still have a late spring full of convention appeareances) and generally relax while... still working. XD
I'll still be drawing commissions but for these couple of upcoming weeks I'll be sharing the workstation with Lock, so we'll both take turns and generally be a bit slower.
I ain't got anything major planned for the site's birthday but there's been a lot going on in the galleries, so here's a little summary of the new uploadings!
  • From March: a new digital illustration featuring Michael in his favourite element, snow, also bringing Fredrick and his chaotic nature along! Also a new animatic with Jay and the rest of the Idiots, with the hope of making more during this year.
  • From April: a digital illustration with Candy, Acid and a favourite theming of mine, rave parties! Went all out with the background cameos and detailed a whole crowd of dancing animals this time. Whew! Also in the traditional media gallery a drawing with Jay; I found some toned paper that was begging to be drawn on and whipped up my trusty set of coloured pencils once again. Love the feeling of amateur budget C64 game cover I got out of it, so I can't wait to repeat the experience.
  • I also got a new fanart made of Jimmy from Scuotivento! Which I should add among affiliates someday soon.
I was working on a journal entry at the start of the month but ultimately decided I didn't like the main theming enough to post, so I scrapped it; the logbook will have to wait :(
After our stay here we'll get back home in mid May to attend the Milano Comics&Games as sellers and, two weeks after, the Firenze Cosplay Festival sharing the booth with Coeleth once again. We know these two events are small but so is our stock of LWY copies as we're looking to sell away all that we have left before sending the omnibus volume to printing (which will feature all the fixes, updates and tweaks we're currently applying to the pages).

I think that's all I have for now. See you!

Conventiony Start Of The Year --February 27th, 2023--

I was expecting 2023 to start with a lot of events but I would've never imagined it to be so hectic! Here's what's been going on so far... this entry's gonna be long!
First off, I started keeping my resolutions from December and re-did all my ref sheet chibi templates. Not only they look better now but also more precise, organized, and easier to quickly modify for unusual or original species. Look at this list! That's pretty much 70 templates ;w; they may have lost a bit of their plushiness, but I think they're still adorable.

At the end of January we attended the Novegro Comic Festival finally sharing the booth with more Griffinest colleagues like good old times: we had Coeleth and (new affiliate!) Aeritus next to us! What a spike of endorphine, we came back vibrating with positive energy! Managing the booth in four instead of being just in two is a whole different experience making me feel like we're back in 2016 at the height of our convention activity. Hope this will continue for many more years!
Anyhow, despite Novegro being a smaller venue than Cartoomics and also taking place in just two days, it has quickly become a main meeting ground for anthro enthusiasts, something that resonates a lot with most of Griffinest's projects. Quite in fact, me and Lock came back with not even a copy of LWY Vol 1 left and had to rush for a reprint! Luckily the factory had them ready in just two weeks and we got their delivery just one day before our departure for Bologna Nerd Show.
This other con went okay, too! It was the first time we attended an event in Emilia Romagna and as usual newbie folks get a bit ignored in first-time locations but after the first slow day the second one was pleasantly busy, we came back home with half the stock we had originally brought. Success! Definitely considering writing the event into our list of regular convention appeareances.
Now next up on the calendar will be Firenze Cosplay Festival in June, and there should also be Napoli Comicon in late April but they still have to confirm our presence... hope we'll make it into the roster this year. 🤞
Unsurprisingly I had to keep commissions closed for this period and a subsequent cold I caught slowed me down even further, however I managed to add quite some updates to my galleries. Here goes!
  • From January: a new strip of Valy detailing the joys of different timezones. :v
  • From February: the firsts (of hopefully many) digital illustrations of 2023! One featuring William and Fred in a cluttered music store cos... why not. Wayne's World fans will appreciate the visual joke. The other is starring Peppermint and her bedroom.
  • Also from this month a new cellshaded art of favourite cyborgs Joypad and Program inspired by Y2K design aesthetics, which actually fits Joypad pretty well. More to come maybe? I'm having a lot of ideas with Joypad lately, so I'll be drawing her a lot this year!
  • Another strip added this February with Valy, Carabine and Valery, and this time it's an animated strip! The visual joke worked so much better as a GIF, which by the way gave me a lot of trouble posting on Twitter due to file limitations aaaagh... I hate social media! Why can't everything be as easy as a personal site XC
  • A new journal entry posted at the start of February had me listing and detailing my major art and style influences. Some may be pretty obvious, so readers will have some fun seeing how many references they may have caught up in my drawings;
  • A couple newly posted recieved fanarts: added a very old Valy badge done by Cooner (in 2009 I think!) which I somehow forgot to add to my fanart collection despite having it in full display on the desk in front of me everyday x.x Then, a Chrys picture drawn by SundaysPlayzone and a picture of Candy and Fredrick dancing done by Kosperry! Loving both their retro style.
Having reopened my queue slots, I'm currently working on commissions but also alternating with personal artworks, so there's gonna be much more new things planned for my own galleries. Stay tuned!

The End Of The Year As We Know It --December 31st, 2022--

I couldn't miss the opportunity of writing a post on the last day of 2022! Despite the worldwide situation, this year has been mostly positive for me: I've worked and improved a lot on my health (both mental and physical) and gotten back full swing into conventions, publishing projects and my own art; I'm closing this year with a satisfied smile and renewed hope the next one will be even better. But let's talk about VN first!

The site's first skin swap has been uploaded on December 2nd and Xmas lights have coloured this homepage throughout the month! Sadly, they're gonna go away in about a week, as holidays pass. This is partly why I'm not very fond of seasonal skins... but I'm happy the transition to the new colours has been rather smooth.
As said previously, update posts of the main page have been cleaned up: there's less of them now as I've only kept important milestones of past year. The Shop section has also been updated with brand new stock and you can now admire (and order!) the new gadget designs I've made for upcoming conventions.
Speaking of conventions, the last event of 2022 has been Milan Games Week+Cartoomics, whose organization has been, gladly, much smoother than last year's. Our Griffinest member Coeleth has been sharing the booth with us just like we usually did pre-pandemic, and it has been such a happy reunion! It's glad to have her back, she's very eager to attend more cons: we are already set for the first part of our 2023 tour!
Concerning new art! The Guest Artist gallery now shows all drawings I've recieved during the con; also, there's a watercolour of Jamaila I did while at the Cartoomics in the Tradtional Art gallery and a cellshaded "meme" (not much anymore since I turned the prompt into a miniset of illustrations) in the Other Digital gallery, uploaded at the beginning of this month.

Me and Lock have spent the holidays at my parents' place, where I took the occasion to ultimate works on LWY 5: as I'm typing, the finalized PDF has been set to print! I feel much lighter now xD Soon enough I'm going to update the dedicated section with the volume's blurb and preview in both languages. Now I'll really be able to focus on my own drawings and get back to commissioned work (quite infact, I'll reopen my slots soon enough!).

Hey, what's a New Years post without some resolutions? I have quite a few for 2023, but in order not to lenghten this post too much, I'm only gonna list the ones regarding arts and projects!

Valy's resolutions for 2023!
  • Completing more than six digital illustrations! Digital illustrations are my most complex drawings, and each one of them is an occasion for me to finetune my skills and try something new in a well-rendered enviroinment (pretty much the reason why they take so long to complete!). Over the years I've realized the more digital illustrations I worked on, the more I felt confident and "healhy" about my style. In 2021 when I was busy changing domains I had my most unproductive year with only four pieces; this year I have started to improve slightly with six illustrations, but I want this number to increase each time. Let's see how many I can draw this time!
  • Excercising on volumes and gesture! I never post them online, but I do a lot of sketching studies each year focusing on specific art subjects that I feel underskilled at; it's something pretty much mandatory for selftaught artists, and as I go on with my studies, I delve further into more complex excercises. This past year I've been working on my human anatomy and dynamism; it's time for me to go one step further and improve my volumes and gesture.
  • Redraw and reorganize my front/back chibi ref templates! Several of my customers have said that the chibi (also called plush) front/back views I use as marking chart on my ref sheet commissions are an original and cute idea! I drew the blank templates years ago and over time my collection of "available species" has been expanding as I got the occasion to work on different character designs. Now that my style has improved and changed, I could take some time to redraw my blanks and better reorganize my collection of species templates. I hope to still give them a cute plushy look xD
  • Reorganize my Lost Without You printables and resources! Yeah, I'll still be tinkering around with this comic, at least for one more year. Development of this story has taken a lot of time and that means the single page files have been undergoing several backups, computer changes, even two fried hard disks! As a result, some pages have been lost, some have been only restored to previous versions, some are not available either in a language or another. As time goes on I'm gonna need readymade PDFs for easy reprints both in italian and english, so I'll take some time to restore files and make sure backup will be updated on all my devices; while I'm there, we'll also do some minor touchups on text or panels that can be improved on. Me and Lock really want LWY to be perfect 💗
There's also a couple new projects that are in my resolution lists, but I'm keeping them private because... I want them to be surprise projects until complete! x3 Hope everyone has had a good year, and that the new one will bring lots of pleasant events!

Spookyseason Update --November 19th, 2022--

Welp we're past the autumn equinox, you know what that means! Time to bring out the Jack-o-Lanterns and cobwebs. 🎃 although at the time of writing this journal, that holiday has also passed and I guess most folks are celebrating Thanksgiving instead. When is that exactly? We don't have it here. xP

There hasn't been much activity among the Sitely pages, but I did add a few minor things: in the Affiliates section I've been adding several new banners of different sizes to link VN to your site. Choose your fav! Just remember not to hotlink and instead, to save them to your own archives!
More recently, I've been adding a new journal on the dedicated section, mainly a rant on social medias' instability with some musings for future projects on VN; also, there's been a substantial update to the Lost Without You section: now all volume previews are in PDF format directly downloadable from VN, just click their links. Old previews were hosted on clunky horrible Facebook and this current solution is much more direct, orderly and locally hosted. I think at this point FB has been completely de-linked from every corner of my site, which is nnneat.

One last thing still pertaining to social media delinking, the Webs section now lists my newly-opened Telegram channel as alternative to Twitter; as of now it's a simple mirror of its contents, if or when Twitter actually goes offline for good it'll become a complete substitute.

As you might have read from my news ticker at the top of the page, colouring phase for Lost Without You 5 is underway! I'm not sure if I started earlier this year or Lock is late on the inking schedule, but I'm basically colouring as he's still completing the inks. I really hope I'll manage to send it to print by December, but who knows.
This one will also be the final issue of the series, it's a complex feeling: we're sad to say goodbye to the charas we've "seen grow" for 5+ years, but also proud to have brought their plots to completion all by ourselves; afterall there's nothing else to add to the story so we feel that prolonging it for too much would be counterproductive and ruin its main concept and quality. It's a printing-targeted graphic novel, not a webcomic! Also, it'll be nice to clear our minds and work on completely different projects after so much time.

New pics mega-update list!
  • From September: a new glitchy GIF featuring Program goofing around in a Virtual Boy-generated enviroinment has appeared in the Animation gallery; the Other Digital gallery has an experimental limited palette postcard with James; finally, I got back to coloured pencils and uploaded a bust of Alkaline in the Traditional Media gallery.
  • From October: a new Valery digital picture used to excercise with sepia tones, rain effects and VHS glitches and, in the same section, a very out of season summer Joypad that is actually a sticker design taken from the latest set of VN merch I've worked on; there's also a new comic strip featuring Valy and William. Finally, the fanart section has undergone some updating: I rearranged that gallery by category rather than by year, so now we have a videogame and animation/TV folder; there's also a new pic! It was my anniversary with Lock on the 29th and I decided to cross two franchises he loves into a fun design that can be eventually printed on a shirt. If you like both YuGiOh and Hellraiser, then go check it!
  • November has been rather art-lacking so far, only counting a new comic strip with Valy. Whoops.
  • More and more recieved fanarts have been uploaded in the Guest Artists section during these months, I even uploaded two very special themesong gifts based on Candy and Acid, pretty much catching up with that section. Now all I need to do is get more gifts :3c
For italian readers heading to the Cartoomics+Milan Games Week convention next weekend, see you there!

After The Heatwave --September 8th, 2022--

Hey fuzzies, how was your summer? I'm showing up to let you know the heatwave did not kill me: quite the contrary, since it's been a very writing-centered season. Let's have the past updates in review!

I've been attending the Etnacomics convention this past June; I'm already used to travelling by plane, but it was the first time I've brought a suitcase full of comics along with me! Oddly, this time our gadgets and commissions were much more popular, so even if we had a positive turnout we came back with an equally heavy suitcase...
Speaking of chronicles and writings, there's also another journal log added today discussing about personal diaries, both online and offline.
The Affiliates section has been extended a lot, as I've been meeting and exchanging links with much more people since I joined Neocities. Along with the sections linking irl friends and colleagues (which has been updated to add new convention buddy Ares!), there's now dedicated paragraphs for webrings, listings, Neocities affiliates, and other personal domain buddies! Hope to expand the list more and more.
The Lore page has also been expanded with some backstory or additional context for the several Cuna De Rios places that appear in my illustrations. I like that section a lot, but I'm aware it might undergo some slight tweaking and updating as more and more pictures get added to my gallery. As for now, it also serves as an inspiration board for places I haven't drawn yet, which is nice.

Almost all Sitely pages have been improved with better worded paragraphs, tidied up links, and now generally looking slicker and more efficient. I even had some fun and added paragraphs for adopted webplushies and listings under the About The Author section, never knew they could be so addicting!

On Twitter, I organized a watercolour + gadget giveaway that has lasted pretty much throughout the whole months of July and August; it was a good occasion to practice with the medium but also to clear out stock from old gadgets- quite infact, the Shop section has been updated accordingly! I have a lot of new designs for keychains, pins and stickers coming up and I'm eager to post them on page.

New pics mega-update list!
  • From July: a new illustration featuring many of my charas and nostalgic rollerblades, and a set of PokemonXNeopets crossover in the fanart section;
  • From August: a watercolour picture with Jay and some gemgore;
  • From September: an illustration starring Amphetamine in his lounge, uploaded on his birthday!
  • Several recieved fanarts have been added in the Guest Artists page: from this summer, a bust of Candy drawn by Solaris (friend of the channel!); a headshot of Gloria by LalaMizu, and a hand-drawn magnet of Valery drawn by JulieKarbon while we were together at the EtnaComics. More recently, I've been adding several old fanarts of various charas and a whole bunch of Chrys pics.
That's all fuzzies, back to the drawing board!

Presenting... 2.0! --May 28th, 2022--

VN celebrated its first birthday this past April 26th! Seems like yesterday that I scribbled the very first concept of the mainpage on loose paper; instead, we've already completed a full loop around the sun. Kudos!
In reality, April 26th marks the day the domain name was bought: site went online a few months later in late July after eh... quite a bit of tinkering with the CSS, HTML and everything alongside. But what do you expect? Rome wasn't built in a day!
And if you're wondering, yeah, I didn't even manage to sync up VN's birthday with my own. Guess 2021 me couldn't wait three more days. 😒

Me and my brother have been rather busy throughout the whole month of May for an appropriate first year celebration and finally today we finished implementing VN's definitive layout version, taking the occasion to improve things on the backend too. I can't express how proud and happy I am to see everything look exactly like originally envisioned in my concept art! It even features faster load times and cleaner code. What more could a webmaster dream of? Now this site really feels like the virtual home I've always wanted.
Since there's quite a lot of novelties, I'm gonna spend a few lines to show you around. Here's what's changed in VN's new iteration!
  • Responsiveness! 1.0 had, sadly, many compatibility issues with different browsers and not mobile friendly at all. 2.0 fixes this by being fully compatible with all browsers and 100% responsive. Mobile users, surf freely! (Even with Netscape Navigator. :V)
  • Menus! In addition to the classic left menu, 2.0 doubles the interactivity with the brand new Travel bar at the top linking to my socials and a right menu hosting gadgets and fun links. We now have a clock, a hit counter (not sure if it really works, but looks neat enough) and adopted web plushies for an extra dose of Y2K nostalgia.
  • Pagination! The News and Journal sections will display arrows to cycle through older and newer posts, ten at a time. ...They're there, I swear. 😅 I just haven't reached ten posts in any of those sections.
  • Improved galleries! Slight graphical overhaul for the galleries featuring a slicker general look, new and improved viewing icons at the top, and a better description display. The video viewer has also been fixed, and now properly displays videos in midview.
  • Site history! Now you can visit the About The Page section to also view previous layouts and won awards! Let's party like it's 1997.
  • Here to stay! As you can understand, this wasn't a simple cosmetic change but a true re-build of VN from the ground up, and now that I've reached "layout peace" and everything works exactly as it should, I do plan to use version 2.0 for a long long while. However, 2.0 is also written to easily swap colours and graphics around to show new skins for holidays or special celebrations (once again, exactly like sites used to do back in the day)! So, get ready to see VN in a properly Halloween-themed "vest" starring EmptyHead or a winter theme maybe even with falling snow effects.
And that's it! We hope to not have left bugs around, but if you see some, feel free to contact me via the usual channels.

I'm glad to have completed the overhaul just in time, since in less than a week me and Lock will be travelling again for yet another convention. This time, we'll catch a plane to Sicily to attend the Etnacomics, which will last 5 days! It's gonna be almost like a vacation, especially because we're gonna share the booth with our friend (and top affy!) JulieKarbon and finally do live shenanigans together. Can't wait!

Welcome Home! --July 28th, 2021--

Hi! Welcome to Valyce Negative.it, my main directory for personal art, projects, blogging and commission info. This is the site's first online day, so a few sections might still appear under construction. However, please feel free to take a look around, and remember to check frequently for future updates!

To help you navigate, here's a condensed site map!
The menu on the left features a link to this Main Page where all new updates will be announced; if you're new to my art, you can know me better by taking a look at About Author and About Site, or F.A.Q.! If you're a returning visitor, all my personal artworks are now in the Cuna De Rios section, organized in the classic folders Illustrations, Traditionals, Animations, Comics and all the usual. There's also a new folder just for Doodles! I also do Fanarts stored in the appropriate section, and offer some free fanmade Telegram Sticker Sets of certain anime/movie/videogame characters to download and install!

If you're here for business, the Shop section has all you need to know, from TOS to Pricelist and the current Queue List which will be updated daily. More art for sale such as Originals or Merchandise can be found at the appropriate pages. Wanna reach out to me? Check the Contacts and Valyce Negative Webs pages!

And the rest? Well, it's up to you do discover! Have fun!

All art displayed is (C) Valyce Negative/VeeNegative/Valery91Thunder, unless otherwise specified in the "Guest Artists" section. All Cuna De Rios' places and characters are fictious and any resemblance to real events or people is purely coincidential. Do NOT copy, reproduce, modify and re-distribuite parts and contents of this site. Web development help: Brunh. Compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.